Three Financial Benefits of Using HPE Greenlake

John Dodge Hayes has worked as a financial IT analyst for more than 40 years. “One thing that’s consistent is the constant change in the industry,” he says. “The industry reinvents itself continuously.” Hayes says we’re currently in a paradigm shift. More companies...

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Hybrid Cloud is the Future of Healthcare

In the wake of COVID-19, there has been a pivot to hybrid cloud services across all industries. KPMG reported: “56% of those polled said cloud migration had become ‘an absolute necessity.’ Hybrid cloud models top the agenda, far surpassing other cloud strategies.”...

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Intelligent Operations In the IT World

When you look at IT in your business, how intelligent is it? If you look beyond your people and your processes – and think holistically – are your operations as smart as they can be? This is goal of intelligent operations: to capture and maximize all of the...

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