Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Data Begins with HPE Intelligent Storage

by | 5 Apr, 2019 | Article

Ever-Multiplying Big Data Insights Create the Need for a Better Storage Solution.

In today’s digital environment, a great deal of opportunities lie within the business insights derived from big data. The vast majority of enterprises today have a big data and analytics practice in some capacity, but access, storage, and availability are becoming a challenge as the data continues to multiply.

The Global Datasphere is predicted to grow from 33 Zettabytes in 2018 to 175 Zettabytes by 2025. To keep pace with storage demands stemming from data creation, it’s forecasted that over 22 ZB of storage capacity will have to ship across all media types from 2018 to 2025, with nearly 59% of that capacity supplied from the HDD industry (IDC).

As a consequence to the exponential growth of data most enterprises are trying to stay on top of, managing infrastructure is a time-consuming burden. Managing, moving, and adequately protecting data throughout its lifecycle has become a complex endeavor; not to mention effectively extracting its value. While mining valuable business insights from big data is a worthwhile pursuit, it’s a costly endeavor, and it has the potential to distract IT professionals.

Here’s where intelligent storage comes in. Intelligent storage is a storage service or system which uses AI to learn and adapt to a hybrid cloud environment continuously, ultimately managing and serving data more effectively (HPE).

  • Flexible deployment options: hardware on-premises, virtual appliance, cloud service
  • Easily moves data where it needs to be
  • Proactively optimizes data through its life cycle
  • Provides data protection and encryption to eliminate potential security threats
  • Pay-as-you-go model (HPE)

Gone are the days when data was confined to data centers. Today, it can live anywhere in a hybrid environment, from unified computing environments to private, on-premise and public clouds.”

Why Intelligent Storage is the Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Data

So, why is intelligent storage the new secret weapon for unlocking the full potential of your data? How does it really benefit IT teams, plus the business at large?

Let’s start with the fact that traditional data storage systems simply weren’t designed to handle the massive amount of data that’s being generated continuously. Consequently, IT can overlook valuable data, and resources are strained at the same time. Using intelligent storage, it becomes possible to eliminate the obstacles of reaping the benefits of valuable data. It automatically uncovers the needs of workloads and adapts to changes in real time, which means IT doesn’t have to be wrapped up in management and support constantly (HPE).

It’s not just the volume of data that’s the problem; it’s where it resides. Gone are the days when data was confined to data centers. Today, it can live anywhere in a hybrid environment, from unified computing environments to private, on-premise and public clouds. Then there’s the network edge – the hub for IoT devices spanning mobile devices, sensors, vehicles, smart factories and cities, and more. To effectively power and inform all of these technologies, data has to be moved to where it’s actually needed for processing and user access, or, analytics applications, and it has to be there when it’s actually needed. Otherwise, access takes too long, uses too many resources, and ultimately decreases efficiency and increases costs. The bottom line is that if data in the digital world isn’t readily available at the drop of a hat, business value quickly diminishes (HPE).

In examining the key features of intelligent storage, it becomes clear that it’s designed to eliminate the headaches that come with big data and big data analytics, allowing the enterprise to reap value swiftly, while IT is redirected to more innovative projects.

Here’s what intelligent storage includes:

  • An as-a-service experience
  • Consumption-based
  • Growth ahead of business
  • Economic flexibility
  • Flexibility to test, migrate, and grow new storage
  • Optimization of financial and IT goals
  • 79% lower storage operational expenses

It’s predicted that in 2025, 49% of the world’s stored data will reside in public cloud environments (IDC). It’s also worth noting that while deployment methods are flexible, intelligent storage is built for cloud, making it possible to run any workload, anywhere, including primary, secondary, or backup/DR workloads at the edge or core. Data mobility is easy, with a native cloud integration that makes moving data fast and simple. It can also work well as an introductory cloud use case to expedite migration.

Intelligent Storage: One Component of Artificial intelligence for Hybrid Cloud

Intelligent storage is the self-managing, self-healing, and self-optimizing first step toward unlocking the full potential of your data; it’s one component of the ultimate solution: HPE InfoSight – AI-driven operations, built to simplify how your infrastructure is managed and supported.

The overarching objective of HPE InfoSight is using intelligence to make IT infrastructure at large entirely autonomous: Autonomous IT.

  1. AI-Driven automation: 85% improvement in IT efficiency
  2. Effortless management: 79% lower storage operational expenses
  3. Transformed support: 86% of issues automatically opened and resolved

Autonomous IT helps enterprises see, manage, and automate using a powerful combination of four solutions:

  1. HPE InfoSight: Self-managing, self-healing, self-optimizing AI for the data center across storage, servers, networking, converged
  2. HPE OneView: Single management solution for software-defined infrastructure automation
  3. HPE OneSphere: Provides multi-cloud visibility, cost controls, and DevOps self-service
  4. Advizex expertise: Expert insights to help integrate, modernize, migrate, or adopt consumption models

Intelligent storage is the beginning of the technological evolution that must take place in order to process, analyze, and store data in parallel to the speed of its creation. New, innovative practices of data creation will continue to manifest and experience increased utilization; the dire need for a new way to store that data is unprecedented. It’s for these reasons that a new, smart solution is your key to being prepared for both the challenges and opportunities that come with big data.

Key Takeaways for Getting Started with Intelligent Storage

Trying to decide whether it’s time to get started with intelligent storage? Advizex recommends staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the move toward Autonomous IT. As you’re conducting your evaluation process, here are a few key takeaways you should keep in mind:

  • HPE Infosight is AI-driven. It delivers AI-driven infrastructure automation and enables context-aware data management.
  • Intelligent storage is built for cloud. HPE Cloud Volumes and HPE Cloud Bank Storage provide native cloud integration. You can depend on Advizex services help you with your cloud journey.
  • Complete, As-a-Service experience. HPE GreenLake is consumption-based IT, with the flexibility to test and migrate using investment models from HPE Financial Services.

Need more tips on Intelligent Storage or Autonomous IT? Advizex can help point you in the right direction. Reach out to Advizex, or call us at 216-901-1818 and speak to an Intelligent Storage expert today.