Advizex Helped Reduce One Manufacturer’s Storage Space by 75%

by | 30 Apr, 2021 | Case Study

Solution: Storage
Field: Manufacturing

Success Story Snapshot:

  • Advizex kept this global manufacturing company running for as long as possible in their legacy environment.
  • When it was time to upgrade their storage, Dell EMC PowerStore delivered everything they wanted and then some.
  • Through the Dell Data Reduction Guarantee, this company will reduce their storage space by 75% over time.

A Global Presence.

Many of the biggest companies in the world create things that the average person will never think about. Our customer is one of those companies. They solve lifting and motion-control challenges for manufacturing and construction sites. In business for nearly 150 years, they manufacture everything from hoists to trolleys, from crane systems to rigging equipment and everything in between.

3000+ employees

16 brands

50+ countries

An Advizex customer since 2006, we’ve gotten to know their business and their IT systems well. One of the values Advizex brings is our knowledge and expertise around legacy systems. We helped them keep their legacy environment running, which consisted of older ERP software in a Unix environment. They’d recently upgraded their server environment and needed to refresh their storage, because it, too, was approaching end of life.

Longevity is Key.

Some companies are early adopters. They want in on the latest and greatest. What matters most to this customer, however, is that their systems last a long time. If that means adopting a new technology early, they will, but they’re not going to jump on something unless it’s necessary. As they begin their digital transformation, they wanted to ensure they were setting the foundation that would serve them well for years to come.

The Benefits of Dell EMC PowerStore.

With Dell EMC PowerStore, our customer gets the best of both worlds: it’s the new to the market, and it will last them a long time. They tend to keep their technology for at least five years, so we’ll maximize their return on investment.

Because it’s all-flash storage, the benefits are exactly what they wanted:

  • Storage space savings through Dell’s Data Reduction Guarantee
  • Flexibility of a unified storage platform for block, file and vVol data
  • Predictable performance
  • Great support for ERP (SAP) and virtualized workloads
  • Ability to add future workloads seamlessly online

All-Flash Storage Solution Key Benefits

  • Value
  • Flexibility
  • Predictability

Dell’s Data Reduction Guarantee.

Dell guarantees a 4:1 data reduction. One of the reasons they chose EMC, this reduction allows our customer to lower their capacity costs over the life of the product. They’ll go from 160 TB to 40 TB in the next 5 years – a 75% space savings.

The Future is Bright.

To future-protect a business means to understand it, not just its transactions but its mindset. Advizex takes the time to develop relationships, and this Success Story shows why. There are several projects on the horizons with this valued customer, and we’ll continue to support them throughout their journey.

“You win in a crowd. You get the right resources and the right people in the room to help. Advizex has deep experience in not just technology but in business.” – Joe Mazzeo, Account Executive


Key team members include:

  • Joe Mazzeo – Account Executive
  • Chuck Weir – Presales Engineer