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Better Information Starts with Better Storage

Many organizations approach data storage from a tactical rather than a strategic perspective, and that’s a mistake. Your organization doesn’t derive value from storing more data; it derives value from the information that comes from that data. When you view data storage through the lens of the business information it will generate, it changes the way you see your storage requirements. Suddenly, how much and how cheap aren’t the only decision drivers, as you consider how the scalability, security and accessibility of your storage architecture impact the extraction and flow of information through your business.

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Rolta|Advizex Cloud Managed Services

In recent years, information technology has undergone a seismic shift as organizations embrace the cloud and explore exciting new technologies such as virtualization, big data, mobile communications and the Internet of Things. In the wake of this change, organizations often struggle to maintain and acquire the skills needed to effectively harness this technology in their business. Old skills need to be updated, new skills need to be acquired and competition for top talent has escalated the cost of IT operations. Now, more than ever, cloud managed services from Rolta|Advizex make good business and financial sense.

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More certifications, more solutions, more creativity for transforming your business.

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