Advanced Gene Therapy Begins with the Right IT Infrastructure

by | 4 Apr, 2022 | Case Study

Solution: HPE GreenLake
Field: BioTech

This Ohio-based biotechnology company planned two new facilities with “green-field” infrastructure, requiring securing key applications and sensitive data with a small IT team—all while considering continued growth. Advizex helped implement a hyper-converged infrastructure to offer the customer a cloud-like experience with managed on-prem solutions for a flexible future.

Success Story Snapshot:

  • Customer needed the right IT infrastructure to advance its gene therapy work.
  • Advizex provided a hybrid solution with HPE GreenLake, combined with its managed services.
  • Customer benefits from a cloud-like experience with a solution to scale simply and affordably.

Furthering Life-Savings Therapies

This customer is a leader in manufacturing gene therapy products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s unique business model drives reinvestment into pioneering research to address challenges affecting children’s health. As the company expands facilities in The Ohio State University’s Innovation District, it looks forward to contributing to a hub of gene therapy excellence.

Challenge: Securing Data with a Small IT Team

The customer’s work involves processing global data, so preparing the right infrastructure for its 2022 planned facilities was critical.
Executives were concerned about managing their own data center hardware with a small IT team, so they considered employing the public cloud, which offers additional benefits to scaling. To discover if they were leaning toward the best solution, they reached out to the Advizex team who had worked with their affiliate company, an Ohio-based Children’s Hospital. The customer was confident that Advizex could lead them in the right direction.

Finding the Best Solution with Advizex

  • Hyper-converged infrastructure with HPE GreenLake hybrid on-prem and public cloud solution (Windows and Linux servers)
  • Advizex Managed Services

Advizex recognized that the customer’s sensitive intellectual property was best kept on-prem, but understood the affordability and scalability that attracted them to the public cloud. They suggested HPE GreenLake hybrid services under Advizex management as an ideal solution.

While the customer could host some data in the cloud, Advizex provided onsite infrastructure to securely host core applications that keep business running. With managed services, Advizex provides 24/7 monitoring of all hardware and operating systems (including backup and recovery), freeing up their IT team to focus on other tasks.

In this way, the customer is enjoying the benefits of the public cloud with its own data center, including the ability to pay according to usage and easily scale up at any time. Furthermore, a five-year contract for both HPE GreenLake and Advizex managed services provides price stability, allowing the company to accurately plan for the future.

Result: A Flexible Future

Employing HPE GreenLake through Advizex allows the customer to remain agile and react quickly to business needs. With Advizex keeping the engine running, their IT team can focus on the company while diverting saved resources to fund continued growth.