Healthcare giant chooses Advizex and Rubrik for secure data backup and recovery

by | 19 Jul, 2023 | Case Study

Solution: Rubrik
Field: Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries most heavily targeted by cyber-threats, especially ransomware. And it was with security top of mind that this Fortune 500 Advizex health care customer recently sought to modernize its backup solution.

The customer provides medical solutions to healthcare facilities around the world, so naturally any IT solutions must consider its thousands of employees and global locations and customers.

From many solutions to one

The health care company’s size and scope mean it needs to support , operating out of a few data centers and co-locations. Over the past decade it has also aggressively expanded to include cloud instances.

While meeting its needs, like many cloud migrations, this has also added complexity and increased the number of workloads that IT must manage. In addition, as a global organization, it has and, of course, multiple divisions responsible for different services.

The organization had over the years implemented multiple disparate backup and recovery solutions, including NetBackup, Veeam, and Avamar; however, this piecemeal approach was proving hard to manage and many of the solutions were becoming outdated. Its infrastructure team, supported by its security team, sought to simplify and unify backup and recovery using a single platform.

A prescription for ransomware prevention

An Advizex customer since 2006, the organization’s hybrid cloud infrastructure team asked the technology provider for insights when developing its next-generation backup strategy. Reviewing the organization’s needs and its data environment, the Advizex team recommended Rubrik.

“This was about more than backup and recovery, but essentially ransomware protection,” says Aaron Harold, client business manager at Advizex. “One of the primary reasons we suggested Rubrik from a security standpoint was its immutable backups, which protect against ransomware.”

Rubrik secures data from insider threats or ransomware through air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups. Air gapping places data onto media not physically connected to the network environment to isolate it from malicious attacks, while Rubrik’s backup immutability prevents penetration.

A trusted, expert partner

The healthcare organization presented an RFI to suppliers, during which time they continued to investigate Rubrik as well as other solutions through conducting several proof of concepts.

Meanwhile a few internal changes, new goals such as moving to global strategy, contractual negotiations and funding fluctuations caused the final decision to take several budget cycles—. The organization’s Advizex team supported the health care customer at each turn. It brought a familiarity with both the organization’s IT environment and goals but also its operational structure, aiding in collaboration between departments.

“Ultimately the solution had changed, and it started to look like the initial analysis might have been out of date,” Harold notes.

A phased implementation of Rubrik began, with primary data centers and distribution sites being covered. In the year ahead other remote facilities are being added.

The adoption of Rubrik for backup has already provided the organization with several benefits. In addition to taking a Zero Trust approach to backup, by being subscription based the organization can expand or contract its use based on its requirements in a cloud-like manner, It’s also brought simplicity to the backup, offering a single that works on-premises and, should they decide, in the cloud.

As the volume of ransomware attacks on healthcare institutions skyrockets, cyber-insurance policies have become stricter in lockstep. By adopting an immutable backup, the colossal healthcare company is compliant with its stringent cyber-insurance requirements and protected against being shut down by ransomware. Essentially vaccinating against this too-common threat, this health care powerhouse can focus on its mission