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Joe VanPatten from Advizex and Eric Gates from HPE share the tools and processes used to find the best HPE GreenLake solution to fit your business needs.

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See how Advizex and HPE GreenLake solved complex IT challenges in the stories below.

Learn how W.R. Grace & Co., a global specialty chemical manufacturing company, needed a solution for growth, especially in light of customer needs, the pandemic and future acquisitions and found that solution with HPE GreenLake.

See how Mohawk Valley Health System utilized Advizex and HPE GreenLake to solve a complex challenge and put them on a more structured IT financial path.

Advizex and HPE

Advizex is a proven integrator in introducing HPE technologies to the market with over 700 HPE certifications (and growing) and more than 30 years as an HPE partner. 

With market focus shifting to cloud solutions, HPE and Advizex are able to provide solutions using industry best of breed products and software. HPE and Advizex build customer solutions that solve mobility, cloud, big data, and security challenges across verticals.

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