Predictable Costs, 100% Uptime & the Agility to Grow

Cloud-as-a-service Transforms a Hospital System

Cloud-as-a-service Transforms a Hospital System
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Business Requirements Determine IT Requirements

Mohawk Valley Healthcare System represents two hospital systems. Soon after they merged, they came to Advizex with a challenging request: combine four electronic medical record packages down to a single product — and do it within one year. Advizex not only made it happen, the results far exceeded their expectations.

With 21 locations throughout Central New York, their operating budget is $566 million. When Advizex looked at their business drivers and evaluated their overall operation, we saw that public cloud wasn’t the best solution. Instead, we recommended HPE GreenLake, a cloud-as-a-service product. Although initially skeptical, once they learned about its flexibility and cost benefits, MVHS was onboard — and excited.

Meeting Business Goals Today and Tomorrow

Those benefits were realized immediately. HPE GreenLake combines licensing, customization, and support, which enables MVHS to predict costs, maintain 100% uptime, and accommodate their growth strategy. HPE GreenLake is an on-demand service, allowing organizations to scale up or down quickly. President, C.R. Howdyshell, says one of the greatest advantages for MVHS is that “With GreenLake, they can build as they grow and not have to buy as they grow.” ▾

HPE’s vision is clear, and it’s impressive—and we’re all in. We believe it’s the right strategy.

Zero Downtime in COVID-19

Sooner than expected, MVHS had to test HPE GreenLake’s scalability. As it did for all healthcare providers, the COVID-19 pandemic required MVHS to pivot rapidly. MVHS was able to handle the needed changes while experiencing zero downtime. Clinicians had the access they needed, and patients received the care they deserved.

According to Ed Hildreth, the Manager of IT Distributed Systems at MVHS, “Our CIO has not stopped bragging about it…. He’s so proud of the performance and uptime we’ve achieved.”

Embracing the As-a-service Strategy

Because public cloud can’t be customized to meet the needs of every business, HPE created GreenLake to fill the void. Advizex believes this strategy can help drive not only healthcare organizations but also others who face industry-specific technological challenges. ▪