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More certifications, more solutions, more creativity for transforming your business.

Delivering value from a complex technology world.

From hybrid infrastructure and cloud computing to security and applications to managed services, it’s a complex technology world that continues to evolve at a fast pace. At Advizex, we have the experienced professionals, backed by proven processes and best-of-breed technology, to keep you ahead of the curve and drive value creation by making the complex work for you.

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Hybrid Infrastructure

  • Converged

    In a dynamic and often disruptive technology driven world, companies have increased their reliance on IT to support and drive business initiatives. IT needs to enable innovation, yet often struggles to adapt to changes in direction. Specifically, organizations find themselves challenged to provide rapid response and agility throughout the infrastructure stack, while deploying more densely utilized infrastructure and eliminating disparate hardware and software. Without a solid foundation for the private cloud, to automate processes, enable change, and ready the business for the shift to the 3rd Platform, organizations will struggle to remain competitive.

    As experts in storage, server, networking, and virtualization technologies, we have a proven record of successfully transitioning organizations to converged infrastructures to maximize return on investment. Utilizing this platform as a foundation for private cloud, we work together to develop an organizational strategy to increase agility, decrease application time to market, and grow profitability.

  • Virtualization

    Today’s data centers have become highly sophisticated but complex to manage thanks in large part to virtualization technologies. Server, network, and storage virtualization enable organizations to drive higher performance and efficiencies resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. However, many organizations encounter problems identifying the right solutions, implementing and integrating technologies, and completely realizing the many benefits virtualization has to offer.

    We understand the complexities of virtualization technology that help organizations achieve the return on investment that a virtual data center can provide. Our approach is to work closely with the customer to design, implement, and manage a strategy that will result in faster workload provisioning, reduce overall infrastructure costs, and improve application performance and availability.

  • Storage

    Data continues to grow at an exponential rate, and the available storage platform options continue to evolve. Organizations are required to balance performance demands, capacity, cost, and the impact of new technologies. Storage virtualization, solid-state technology, and cloud-based offerings are a few examples of innovations that are changing the storage landscape.

    We have years of experience architecting and implementing storage solutions to exceed application performance and availability demands, which scale to meet the increase in volume in design to achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for disaster recovery purposes. Our expertise across applications, data, and infrastructure ensure we take a holistic approach when assisting with organizational storage needs.

  • Networking

    The rapid shift to cloud consumption, continual explosion of mobility, persistent security threats and emergence of the “Internet of Things” has changed how, when, and where work is performed. Organizations are challenged to support critical and real-time applications, such as voice over wireless, and streaming media and video, which demand a higher quality of connectivity. Many organizational networks do not have intelligence and self-healing capabilities that can identify and accelerate applications, while converging the customer and employee experience.

    With our expertise in the entire technology stack, we can quickly understand the dependencies between the user, device, network, and application. By providing organizations with clarity into the shift from hardware-centric interface to software-centric interface, we determine business impacts. Using consultation, design, implementation, and management services, we move the network from a state of convenience to an intelligent business asset.

  • Mobility

    In today’s fast paced work environments, employees must be able to work wherever and whenever needed. That means allowing access to critical and often sensitive data outside the workplace and from a variety of devices. Technology organizations struggle to provide this access while ensuring security standards are met and enforced. The pressure to help the business have a cohesive and all-encompassing strategy for mobility is immense given the possibilities for increasing worker productivity and customer satisfaction.

    As a true systems integrator, we help organizations tackle the gambit of issues that can arise when implementing a mobility strategy. Advizex is proud to have some of the best and brightest delivery resources in the industry for mobility solutions. Our approach is to work in concert with organizations to develop, build, and deploy a successful mobility strategy.

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Cloud Computing

  • Strategy

    Strategic advisory services detailing current and future business models; establish your roadmap for public and hybrid cloud target state cloud architecture and map; technical and business requirement identification; security evaluation; DevOps and process automation.

  • Plan

    Performance Management; Budgeting and Forecasting, Creation of application baselines; Identify application dependencies and cloud ready applications; determine the per application approach for public cloud, hybrid infrastructure, or retirement.

  • Deployment

    Public, Private, Hybrid, Federated and Managed. It’s no longer enough to just move to the cloud. Different workloads can prove to be more meaningful for different organizations, based on a multitude of factors.

  • Management

    CIOs struggle with cost containment, system reliability, and providing technology improvements to differentiate their business in the marketplace. Both end-of-life and new technologies are challenging IT organizations to scale effectively, perform necessary monitoring and administration, and limit service unavailability.

    Organizations recognize the value of utilizing managed service providers to manage legacy and new technologies, handle routine operations, and augment current IT staff. This enables the internal IT teams to better support strategic initiatives. We offer solutions customized to meet each organization’s unique needs by using our highly skilled technologists and 24x7x365 global delivery model.

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  • Data Protection

    Organizational data needs to be protected from a myriad of potential risks and threats as well as to comply with regulatory compliance requirements. Daily backups of data has been the standard for many years. Now organizations are taking another look at the “one size fits all” and are realizing that not all data is the same and that a single solution for protection isn’t the answer.

    Today’s challenges to protect against data loss in an increasing complex IT landscape can be a daunting task. Location, frequency, distributed copies, and the ability to recover not just a file but perhaps an entire application or service are just a few factors that need to be included in the overall strategy.

    We provide a proven approach to address people, process, and technology. Having implemented operational recovery solutions for organizations of all sizes and verticals; our methodology will easily adapt to meet your needs regardless of infrastructure platform.

  • Identity and Access

    In today’s security landscape, IT assets can be found distributed across a variety of locations, from the datacenter to the cloud, with service providers inside the network and employees outside the network. Organizations struggle to secure the data, applications, systems, and enterprise of the business by enabling the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time for the right reason.

    Whether focused on individual platforms and applications, or wrapping that into a single sign-on and access governance program; we help organizations tackle identity and access challenges large and small. Our approach is to work with organizations to understand identity and access needs, and technology integration to ensure that identity and access programs meet the demands of the business.

  • Platform and Networking

    The security landscape is constantly shifting: new vulnerabilities, new threats, new attacks, and new technologies. Organizations struggle to harden platforms, secure networks, and react to modern security threats by increasing levels of intelligence on logs, network traffic, and endpoint memory activity to identify potentially malicious activity and empower security operations team.

    As a systems integrator, we help organizations tackle a wide range of security challenges that can arise when implementing security controls across platforms and networks. Our approach is to work in concert with organizations to plan, architect, build, deploy, and govern a successful network and platform security strategy.

  • Security Intelligence

    The classic network security strategy depended upon surrounding your datacenter with a perimeter of firewalls and antimalware solutions. Today, the adaptive threats of the current security landscape come from all sides, frequently bypassing perimeter controls through exploits against personnel. Businesses often find themselves unprepared to respond in real time to the advanced threats of today through empowered security teams qualified to detect attacks.

    As a systems integrator and managed service provider, we operationalize each of our core practices in order to manage each of the technologies and capabilities that we support. This experience has shaped our approach to work closely with organizations to align security solutions to fit specific needs and use cases, by developing, building, and deploying security operations programs.

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Management / Applications

  • Service Management

    ServiceNow has transformed information technology by better aligning innovation to operations. Driving business priorities with powerful user interfaces, has provided a way to optimize business resources and reduce time to market. Advizex robust capabilities in IT Service Management, Security Operations, Operations Management, Risk and Compliance or Business Management can help you increase productivity.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft solutions help the world’s businesses run more efficiently: in their data center, in the cloud, on desktops, and mobile devices. Whether your business is looking to launch new collaboration capabilities or simply upgrade the existing Microsoft software you have today, Advizex can help you take that next step. Our dedicated Microsoft Services Team builds, deploys, and manages Microsoft solutions for hundreds of businesses, around the clock and around the country.

Advizex People

What’s your favorite part of your day-to-day job?

The best part of my job is the opportunity to LISTEN to our customers across a wide range of industries… by keeping an open ear, I can help better assess the industry challenges and barriers they face as it relates to technology and guide them through the changing landscape of IT, aligning the outcomes of our discussions to their most critical needs.