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Launch your IT transformation with Strategic Transformation. Advizex works with your business to create a custom solution based on a full assessment of your technology, people, and processes.

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Take your IT to an elevated future state. Advizex helps you understand your current capabilities and assess your challenges to design a solution made specifically for your business. At Advizex, we have a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals, proven processes, and industry leading technology at our disposal to keep you ahead of the curve. We deliver true value to your users and organization.

Services Backed by Innovation

From the earliest planning stages to keeping your solution running 24/7/365, we work with each customer to develop a unique strategy — defining the value and any potential obstacles in order to map out the best path to success.

  • Cloud AdvizerTM

    Moving toward a public or private cloud isn't something we'd recommend doing without a plan. In order to achieve the most cost-effective and optimal design, organizations may need to rethink how traditional technology components are architected and implemented. Advizex can help.

  • End-User Experience AdvizerTM

    Are your people happy with their technology experience? At the end of the day, if people are experiencing problems, efficiency will suffer, and business will flounder. Let's not let that happen. Advizex End-User Experience Advizer® is a proven method of assessing, adjusting, and implementing solutions to peel back the layers and help ensure happy users.

  • BC/DR AdvizerTM

    Every business, small and big, needs a plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, because every business relies on IT. The myth that BC/DR is only for major disasters can leave you vulnerable to more common incidents. Let Advizex make sure you're prepared.

  • ITSM Operational AdvizerTM

    Low business satisfaction, high cost to resolve incidents, wasted effort on repeat issue resolution, ineffective demand planning, and confused end-users are all signs that IT processes need to be reviewed. Advizex's approach is holistic, industry-standard, and effective. Let us get you back on track.

  • LEAN Value Process AdvizerTM

    Advizex is a hands-on kind of company. Our LEAN Value Analysis-Process Advizer brings us on-site where we lead a workshop to identify activities that add value to your business, as perceived by your customer. With your teams, Advizex looks at areas that can be improved, eliminated, or expanded upon. People start to see how they affect one another, and great things start to happen.

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Advizex People

What’s your favorite part of your day to day job?

The best part of the ‘job’, and I say that loosely because I love what I do and often do not consider it a job, but is when I am able to have great (positive) architectural and process impact on a customer’s IT organization. After an architecture has been designed, the product and services have been ordered and executed and on day 2 operations, the customers daily operations are better than when we started.