Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations

The business of keeping processes running, increasing profitability, and doing it in a way that requires the least amount of effort with the most "smarts" possible.

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The world of technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. We make sure all the information about the state of your environment, its health, capacity, and cost efficiency all get rolled up in a meaningful way for business. At Advizex, we have a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals, proven processes, and industry leading technology. We keep you ahead of the curve and deliver true value to your users and your organization.

Services Backed by Innovation

From the earliest planning stages to keeping your solution running 24/7/365, we work with each customer to develop a unique strategy — defining the value and any potential obstacles in order to map out the best path to success.

  • Automation & Orchestration Platforms

    The key to creating an agile, innovative IT operations comes down to automation followed by orchestration. Removing human intervention removes human error and inconsistency and frees your business to focus on continual improvements. Not sure where to start? Advizex can help.

  • Cloud Management Platforms

    Ensure your cloud computing resources are not only well-managed, but working with the highest level of efficiency. We help our customers step out of their comfort zone to maximize the benefits of cloud management platforms (CMP). Discover the impact CMP has for each specific business and their goals. Advizex has the business advisory services to identify your needs, develop a strategy, and help you determine the value of cloud management for your business.

  • IT Service Management

    IT departments are the hub of business. Any time there's a new idea — from small to big, from products to services — delivering results depends on IT's ability to make it happen. Through better delivery and support practices, Advizex helps IT departments reach their full potential, so the business can reach its full potential.

  • IT Operations Management

    At Advizex, we have the full capability to manage the production environment of IT that offers all services, from putting applications into production, to security performance monitoring, determining required uptime, and more. IT Operations Management (ITOM) tools support the data that is available in those various areas and components of IT. ITOM gives customers the ability to aggregate different data sources about your IT infrastructure and view them comprehensively. Advizex maintains the IT infrastructure to ensure the highest level of performance.

  • Is your business running as intelligent as it could be?

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Top 10 Ways Your IT Team is Wasting Time (And What You Can Do About It)!

Identify and eliminate operational and organizational inefficiencies that are holding back your IT team. Learn how to deliver maximum value to your business.