Improving Healthcare
Is What We Do.

Save time, resources, and money by leveraging our healthcare relationships, experiences, and insights. Whether you’re proactively planning or reacting to an issue or need, Advizex has the know-how. We support your business needs — so you can support your patients. Here’s how we do it…

  • Improving Your Time to Value

    Improving Your Time to Value

While delivering care faster is valuable, the true goal is more than just speed — healthcare must be efficient to be effective. Advizex understands this. We work in tandem with IT departments in healthcare organizations of all sizes who are challenged with ensuring clinicians can use technology to deliver the best care, in the best time, at the best cost.

Time to Value: the time between the request and the delivery. Increasing IT’s time to value increases the speed at which its consumers can move.

Make Efficiency Your Standard.

  • Ensure your data center is flexible enough to respond quickly to needs — both today’s and tomorrow’s
  • Automate standardized services
  • Take advantage of orchestration opportunities
  • Improve your process for intaking and managing requests
  • Align IT costs with consumption
  • Simplify infrastructure support through virtualization
  • Reduce lead times on medical device implementation without compromising security

Speed, Efficiency & Agility Provide the Best Care.

  • Onboard new clinicians more quickly
  • Promote shift change efficiency
  • Become flexible to innovate when needed
  • Reduce wait time between tasks
  • Flesh out unnecessary costs
  • Decrease per capita costs
  • Improving The Clinician IT Experience

    Improving The Clinician IT Experience

Today’s IT departments are challenged with ensuring physicians and nurses have what they need to deliver the best care, in the best time, at the best cost. Our plans are meticulous and take into consideration more than technology. Whether it’s successfully migrating hundreds of thousands of mailboxes or tens of thousands of user workstations (both of which we’ve done), we never adversely impact clinicians’ ability to care for patients. In fact, we improve it.

Optimize Patient Care Through Optimized IT Solutions.

  • Improve efficiency across departments
  • Manage new technologies more easily
  • Leverage data
  • Become flexible to innovate quickly
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Increase time to value
  • Keep clinicians happy and improve their engagement

Make Data Work for Everyone.

  • Optimize the use of electronic health records (EHR)
  • Aggregate various data sources
  • Perform meaningful analytics for your patients
  • Give clinicians access seamlessly and quickly
  • Meet compliant security requirements
  • Making Mergers & Acquisitions Work

    Making Mergers & Acquisitions Work

When healthcare organizations expand their capabilities through mergers and acquisitions, IT departments must be prepared to combine multiple IT systems — this is no small task. And getting it right is essential if hospitals are going to deliver care better, faster, and more cost effectively than they did before. Not to worry. Advizex has experience in making this happen.

Know IT Challenges & Solutions Before the Deal Is Done.

Because we have so much experience helping businesses through mergers and acquisitions, many bring us in before the deal is actually completed. This gives us the time to perform the appropriate level of due diligence specific to IT. Our analysis and pre-work not only help the IT department know what to expect (and get ready for it), but it can also help accelerate the actual merger.

Come Together Seamlessly & Be Ready to Go.

  • Onboard new clinicians more quickly
  • Set expectations with a realistic timeline
  • Flesh out and decrease redundancies
  • Know gaps and be ready to fill them
  • Support IT staff, clinicians, and patients throughout the organizational change

Reduce Surprises & Ease Transitions.

  • Ensure clinicians can access needed systems
  • Protect and manage current and newly acquired data
  • Assess your organization to determine resource needs
  • Communicate change information across departments

When You Partner With Advizex, You Partner With Proven Healthcare Experience.

From core infrastructure and email migrations to complete organizational consolidations and upgrades, we’ve helped dozens of healthcare establishments of all sizes. Our healthcare clients range in size from hundreds to thousands of patient beds with an employee and contractor base of 500 to more than 80,000 users. We support your business needs — so you can support your patients.

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