Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Our Managed Services bring industry leading expertise, innovative tech and proven methodologies to your organization so your teams can worry less about operations and focus more on strategic initiatives and innovation.

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Partner with Advizex

By partnering with Advizex, you gain access to the top certified experts and industry-leading technology partners around the world. Our Cloud Managed Services make you stronger by becoming an extension of your internal operations and complementing your current staff, even offering side-by-side mentoring and onboarding. Our support frees you to focus on your projects and initiatives. You maintain control and security at all times.

Services Backed by Innovation

From the earliest planning stages to keeping your solution running 24/7/365, we work with each customer to design a unique strategy — defining the costs, benefits and any potential obstacles in order to map out the best path to success.

  • Public Cloud

    From on-premises to the cloud and vice versa, our Public Cloud Managed Services help ensure that your platform and/or infrastructure serve your business needs. Most IT departments know the benefits of a cloud strategy but seek outside expertise to make it happen as efficiently and with as little disruption to their already busy staff as possible. Advizex has that expertise — and experience.

  • Database Management

    Successfully managing and supporting your databases requires someone to be on-call around the clock every day. Rather than staff multiple people, let us do it for you. We’ll monitor, administer, backup, maintain, and enhance, freeing your team to focus on their projects and initiatives.


    Thanks to cloud computing, organizations expect new business applications and services to be deployed faster than ever before. While IT departments want to move to a hyperconverged or converged infrastructure or to a complete software-defined data center, planning and deployment can present several challenges. Not to worry. As an extension of your IT department, from implementation and monitoring to maintenance and optimization, Advizex can help.

  • Virtualization

    When it comes to monitoring, administration, and management of your virtual environment, Advizex Cloud Managed Services has you covered. Our team is experienced at depth server virtualization services to ensure the underlying platform allows your applications — and your business — to run efficiently.

  • Network

    The network is the backbone of your IT operations, and keeping it running successfully requires someone to be on-call around the clock every single day. Rather than divert multiple people from projects and initiatives, let us monitor, administer, backup, maintain, and patch your network systems as needed.

  • Servers/OS

    Successfully managing and supporting your Servers plus Linux, Unix, or Windows operating systems requires someone to be on-call around the clock every day. Rather than staff multiple people, let us do it for you. Our capabilities span across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment models. We’ll monitor, administer, patch, maintain, and enhance, freeing your team to focus on their projects and initiatives.

  • Ready to complement your IT staff with Cloud Managed Services and support?

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