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Adapting to the ever changing world of cloud computing by pairing the latest and most reliable technologies with your business needs.

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Take your IT to an elevated future state. Advizex helps you understand your current capabilities and assess your challenges to design a solution made specifically for your business. At Advizex, we have a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals, proven processes, and industry leading technology at our disposal to keep you ahead of the curve. We deliver true value to your users and organization.

Services Backed by Innovation

From the earliest planning stages to keeping your solution running 24/7/365, we work with each customer to develop a unique strategy — defining the value and any potential obstacles in order to map out the best path to success.

  • (H)CI / SDDC

    Hyper Converged Infrastructure and Software Defined Data Centers are a proven way to provide IT services through a fully automated, zero-downtime infrastructure. Using (H)CI and SDCC, customers can bring the cloud experience on premise. With (H)CI and SDDC, we're taking an advanced technology and making automation simpler.

  • Networking

    Modern business relies on a solid, seamless network. Networks can easily become complicated and problems so siloed they appear invisible. Whether they've appeared because you're implementing new technologies or something simply broke, Advizex Network Solutions can help.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Public, private, or hybrid — whatever your cloud platform of choice it needs to be properly managed to be effective. Traditional tools aren't usually built with comprehensive cloud management in mind. Each cloud comes with its own system, leaving IT departments burdened with learning and maintaining multiple systems. Advizex can fix that.

  • Digital Workspace

    The one place you need to go to get everything to do your job. Advizex is ushering in a complete shift in mentality — one where IT is a trusted broker of services that the customer can connect to and utilize as a service. Digital Workspace provides customers the capability of adjusting between security vs flexibility per application and provides the customer with remote sessions to computers that allow you to run those applications whether those are desktops or servers.

  • Identity & Access Management

    A framework of policies and technologies that ensure the right people have access to all the right resources. Advizex creates a more user-friendly experience for the end user that focuses on ease and simplicity. With Identity & Access Management, allow your organization to manage authorization and privileges across your entire system to increase security while decreasing your overall investment.

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