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Adaptive Infrastructure.
Intelligent Operations.
Strategic Transformation.

Configuring the right solutions, integrating them into your systems and optimizing their performance is the key to ensuring success. Advizex has the intelligence and experience needed to drive performance.

Our Process

Advizex has established a successful process to work with each customer through their unique journey. From problem solving to execution and management, we are dedicated to using our decades of experience to bring your IT infrastructure to the next level with Adaptive Infrastructure, Intelligent Operations, and Strategic Optimization.

  • Adaptive Infrastructure

    Adaptive Infrastructure

    Adapting to the ever changing cloud by pairing the latest and most reliable technologies with your business needs. From hybrid infrastructure and cloud computing, to security and applications to managed services, the world of technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace.

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  • Intelligent Operations

    Intelligent Operations

    The business of keeping processes running, increasing profitability, and doing it in a way that requires the least amount of effort with the most “smarts” possible. The world of technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. We make sure all the information about the state of your environment, its health, capacity, and cost efficiency all get rolled up in a meaningful way for business.

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  • Strategic Transformation

    Strategic Transformation

    Advizex creates a custom solution based on our assessment of your technology, people and processes. We help you evolve to your elevated future state by understanding your current capabilities and assessing your business challenges. Advizex will design a solution made specifically for your business.

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  • Cloud Managed Services

    Cloud Managed Services

    You maintain control and security at all times. We complement your current staff, even offering side-by-side mentoring and on-boarding. Our support frees you to focus on your projects and initiatives. By partnering with Advizex, you gain access to the top certified experts and industry leading technology partners around the world. We’ll get you up and keep you running at optimal levels, by monitoring, administering, backing up, maintaining, and patching as needed. Our Cloud Managed Services make you stronger.

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  • Strategic Transformation

    Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

    As a critical element of IT infrastructure, effective monitoring requires 24/7/365 attention. This puts a strain on IT departments. Advizex offers the only cloud-based, fully automated service that supports monitoring a hybrid infrastructure. You’ll receive a customized, flexible MaaS plan that supports your business and IT priorities.

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Industry Awards

Our technology partners deliver industry leading solutions to fit all sized organizations and needs. Getting to know your organization and pairing the right tech products and platforms to modernize, automate, and transform your enterprise is where Advizex stands out from the competition.

  • CRN's Top 500 Solution Providers (SP500) of 2020
  • CRN's Top 500 Solution Providers (SP500) of 2019
  • CRN's Top 500 Solution Providers (SP500) of 2018
  • VMware Americas Empower the Digital Workspace Partner of the Year Award 2018
  • Dell EMC North America Services Delivery Partner of the Year 2018
  • Thales Channel Partner of the Year 2017
  • CRN's Top 500 Solution Providers (SP500) of 2017
  • Americas VMware Partner Innovation Award 2017
  • Dell EMC Partner Services Quality (PSQ) 2017
  • Palo Alto Networks Ohio Valley Technical Excellence partner of the year 2017
  • CRN's Top 500 Solution Providers (SP500) of 2016
  • Avnet Converged Solutions Award 2015
  • Business Forward Partner of the Year 2015

Advizex People

Why Advizex?

With Advizex, you always get the “A” Team! When I go on a pursuit, I know I have access to experts within the company in their respective fields and the support and backing of our great partners. Having this at my disposal gives me the confidence that I can win every deal and delivery it successfully.