Data Storage

SOCaaS (SOC-as-a-Service)

As ransomware attacks continue to rise exponentially across all business types and across the globe, there is one true advantage that these bad actors give the customer. When a bad actor successfully enters the environment, they spend an industry average of 212...

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Intelligent Operations In the IT World

When you look at IT in your business, how intelligent is it? If you look beyond your people and your processes – and think holistically – are your operations as smart as they can be? This is goal of intelligent operations: to capture and maximize all of the...

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You Need Data to Soar, Not Store

Death, taxes… and storage growth. They’re inevitable. Many enterprises view data storage as part of the cost of doing business. They don’t see it as a revenue driver or a strategic asset, but as a necessity in a world where data is doubling every two years. That’s...

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