Protect Your Business with Advizex Security Operations-as-a Service.

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Today’s technology trends have exponentially increased cyber risk, allowing attackers to become more powerful and adept. The average time of detection is close to a year, giving attackers time to spread out and gather data to set up for a larger attack.

Why SOaaS?

Protect Your Business with Advizex Security Operations As a Service.

Consolidate and Correlate All Security Data Into One Point of Truth

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Advizex Security Operations-as-a-Service, powered by Arctic Wolf, helps organizations identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from these cyber security incidents. Our security experts combine their years of security experience with an innovative Security Operations platform to put your organization on the journey to end cyber risk. By building an in-depth detect and respond infrastructure, Advizex Security Operations-as-aservice provides the tools and expertise required to give you the confidence that your data and IT systems are protected. 

SOaaS By:

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Challenges of DIY Security Operations


Staffing a SOC 24x7:

  • Do you have a dedicated SecOps team? How many members?
  • What type of security expertise is in-house?
  • Do you rely on 3rd party consulting/services?


SOC Operations:

  • How do you detect threats?
  • What tools are you using to respond to threats?
  • How are you proactively hardening your network?
  • Who is owns for 24x7/IR?


Equipping a SOC:

  • Do you have security monitoring for on prem, endpoint, and cloud?
  • Are you using a SIEM?
  • Do you leverage external threat intelligence feeds?
  • Workflow tools?

Managed Detection and Response Architecture

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