More Than Technology, This Bank Needed Technical Project Management.

22 February 2021

This project is an excellent reminder that, at the end of the day, only the right people can make things happen.

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Hybrid Cloud from Advizex and VMware

11 November 2020

Innovate. Move fast. Scale out. Transform. The demands are high for businesses evolving to meet the challenges that come with new business models and improved customer experiences. A hybrid cloud strategy allows you to benefit from the advantages of private and public platforms and choose which cloud to use based on specific business needs.

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VDI Critical Access for Physicians with Advizex and VMware Workspace ONE

29 October 2020

Many VDI environments that physicians rely on inside hospitals involve stateless desktops, as these conserve compute and storage resources. Unfortunately, when a physician logs into a stateless Windows 10 desktop, he or she typically experiences a wait of between 30–120 seconds.

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This Hospital Deployed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure — and Saved a Life

24 October 2020

While we were testing virtual desktop infrastructure out with a nationally ranked, community hospital system, we got the call that it had actually saved an ICU patient’s life.

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Efficiency in Healthcare IT: The Value of Long-Term Relationships

14 October 2020

We all want efficient technology, but what about efficient implementation?

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VMware Cloud Video

7 October 2020

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Could updating your infrastructure save you $100,000? It did for this company.

17 July 2020

Learn how Advizex Cloud Managed Services saved this market-leading corporation money — and gave them peace of mind.

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Explore the 3 Areas Healthcare IT Should Outsource

8 June 2020

You’ll learn how to ensure your IT department rises to today’s healthcare technology challenges, stays focused on business-driving initiatives, improves the clinician and patient experiences, supports your systems 24/7/365 without adding staff, and saves time and money while still innovating.

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