Telehealth Becomes Critical While Handling Outbreaks

Let Advizex and SecureVideo ensure that you are ready for the future of medicine!

Telehealth technology, now more than ever, is having a significant impact on the way patients interact with providers and receive care. It has become vital for the response to viral outbreaks, such as Covid-19, in allowing access to care without unnecessary risk. It also allows health care providers to relieve and prevent overcrowding of emergency and urgent care units. Other benefits of implementing telehealth solutions include:

  • Providing patients easier access to care
  • Giving both patients and provider flexibility in how and when they interact
  • Reducing the number of outpatient visits
  • Reducing the amount of no-show appointments
  • Reducing patient infection risk by keeping hospital acquired infections down
  • Enabling greater time and cost efficiency, allowing doctors to see more patients at an overall lower cost to the patient

Advizex and SecureVideo can make your vision of Telehealth a reality, can be quickly configured, and at a price you can afford.

SecureVideo offers the most advanced telemedicine platform available. Solutions can be quickly configured to meet complex workflows of any hospital/health care system with features such as one-touch connections between departments, sending HIPAA-compliant text messages to staff and patients, provider and patient queues accessing on-demand requests and care, and integration with medical carts.

Built with the best videoconference software available, SecureVideo is reliable and responsive. With U.S. based, 24/7 technical support an average response is less than 30 seconds.

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