Top 10 Ways Your IT Team is Wasting Time (And What You Can Do About It)!

Have you ever wondered what is causing inefficiencies in your IT team? Typically, inefficiencies fall into two categories: “Operational” and “Organizational”. When companies fail to identify the cause of their team’s problems, it prevents an IT department from providing maximum value to the business.

Our resident expert, Kevin Kirkpatrick discusses where to begin when it comes to eliminating the issues your company may be facing.

Are your company’s inefficiencies caused as a result of business processes and systems, OR are they problems as a result of the actions and culture built into a company?

The first step to improving the areas of your IT team may be lacking is determining where issues stem from within the company. Every business has its own set of unique problems, whether it is facing more operational inefficiencies, organizational ones, or a combination of both.

Think you’re ready to focus more on automating your IT processes?