Maximize Your Investments with Rolta|Advizex & ServiceNow

As part of your journey to Modernize, Automate, and Transform your business, you have made significant investments into your strategic data center solutions within the last year. Join us as we discuss how you can continue to maximize your investments to drive business outcomes, and share how you can leverage ServiceNow so IT can have direct line of sight into business services. We will also showcase the power to leverage orchestration to reduce the time between root cause and remediation.

Presented by Ricardo Centeno, ITOM Solution Consultant with ServiceNow. Recorded on March 13, 2019.

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Joe Clarke on EUC Application Delivery

Join double VCDX (currently in pursuit of his third) Joe Clarke as he walks you through what is required to truly provide intelligent digital workspace, and what can be done today and where the future is going for intelligence. Joe also provides a hands on demo environment of Workspace One Intelligence.

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Rolta|Advizex approach to IT Automation

Are you trying to automate more of your IT environment? Do you understand how much business value you can obtain from automating specific tasks? Do you know how to quantify the value for the effort? Join Chris Kunselman, Principal Cloud Architect, as he discusses the Advizex approach to helping customers automate IT.

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Mobility Access & Device Management

Join double VCDX (currently in pursuit of his third) Joe Clarke as he walks you through the differences between UEM and MDM, the business outcomes following the transition to a digital workspace, bringing native MFA with Workspace One, and an overview of technical management capabilities of Workspace One.

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GRC Tools

In your organization, how do you manage risk and compliance?  Do you have a big annual project to pull together all the evidence for auditors?  Are you subject to multiple compliance drivers like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and others, all at the same time?  How do you manage vendors in your compliance program? Do you end up managing hundreds of controls in a complicated spreadsheet?  Did you know that there is a better way?

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GDPR Overview

Join us as we give you an overview of GDPR and how the right encryption strategy can keep your data safe, as well as preventing large fines from the EU.

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Protecting your Data and Building Continuity

Data is the lifeblood of every organization, including privacy information, intellectual property, financial documents, and regulatory/compliance evidence. Cyber threats and vulnerabilities continue to increase in scope and complexity, while the financial and operational impacts of unplanned downtime due to data loss, theft, or unauthorized manipulation, continue to expand.

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