Takeaway from Black Hat USA 2018

There has never been a time where cybersecurity was so crucial to business or in the general population’s social conscience. Election voting machines, electronic healthcare records, credit monitoring services—the world is online, and consumers are exposed.

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Technology is Transforming the Business of Baseball

Rolta AdvizeX is a proven team player when it comes to making digital transformations. With Rolta AdvizeX acting as an extension of your IT team, you achieve more than implementing and deploying new technology; you gain a strategic partner who can manage the complexity associated with the new technology. You don’t have to have an expert on your bench, Rolta AdvizeX’s technology experts are there to fill this crucial role.

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Improving Patient and Physician Satisfaction with VDI

Rolta AdvizeX uses a holistic approach to provide custom-built solutions taking into consideration cost, features and operations to find the products and solutions that work best for each unique customer. In the healthcare field this approach equates to using technology to deliver better patient outcomes.

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Finding the Right IT Partner Pays Off with Better and Faster Outcomes

The healthcare industry is experiencing a digital transformation, which is improving patient care by leaps and bounds, but also increasing the degree of complexity in Health IT exponentially. In order to deal with this complexity, it is paramount to find the right IT partner to help turn innovative products into cutting-edge solutions. There are 1000 ways to do anything in IT; the trick is matching the right technology with the individual customer.

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The Impact of Consumerization on End User Computing

I can’t remember the last time I walked into a bank branch to deposit a check. It’s a reflection of the incredible strides we’ve made in the past decade to perform tasks from increasingly mobile scenarios—in my case, using a mobile app to make bank deposits. This is a good example of consumerization changing my quality of life while providing new freedom.

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