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Better Information Starts with Better Storage

Many organizations approach data storage from a tactical rather than a strategic perspective, and that’s a mistake. Your organization doesn’t derive value from storing more data; it derives value from the information that comes from that data. When you view data storage through the lens of the business information it will generate, it changes the way you see your storage requirements. Suddenly, how much and how cheap aren’t the only decision drivers, as you consider how the scalability, security and accessibility of your storage architecture impact the extraction and flow of information through your business.

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Is Your Data Storage Strategy Holding You Back or Helping You Soar?

As businesses look to drive innovation through information technology, one of the areas that is often overlooked is data storage. Enterprises tend to view storage as a cost center; they count on their storage capacity more or less doubling every two years, and on storage prices per gigabyte falling in a more or less equal amount. There might be new security concerns to consider, or new storage technologies to evaluate, but storage investments are often aimed at addressing current operational challenges rather than forward-looking business requirements. Download our new eBook to learn about what’s in store for the future that matters.

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