Advizex Technologies Achieves Fortinet’s Operational Technology Partner Specialization

by | 10 Feb, 2023 | News

Advizex Technologies, leading technology provider of infrastructure and enterprise application solutions, today announced that it has achieved Fortinet’s Operational Technology Specialization as part of the Fortinet Engage Partner Program.

In a fast-paced industry, specializations focused on market opportunities enabled by the Fortinet Engage Partner Program help partners be recognized and valued by current and potential customers as trusted advisors who have the expertise, services, and technologies they need to meet their digital acceleration needs.

“We serve a variety of customers that are adopting and modernizing Operational Technology (OT) to support their businesses,” said Chris Miller, CTO of Advizex. “A main priority in modernizing OT is ensuring adequate security across infrastructure environments. With Fortinet’s proven track record of enabling integrated and seamless security across OT environments, we are proud to be one of the few Fortinet partners to secure the OT specialization.”

With the Operational Technology Specialization, partners are validated with deep expertise about how the convergence of OT and information technology (IT) impacts the security of OT and critical infrastructure environments. These partners can deliver the level of protection these unique networks require, whether combining new and existing solutions, or building a comprehensive cybersecurity mesh architecture designed to span hybrid IT and OT environments.


A Program Focused on Enabling Opportunities for Partners
Fortinet is committed to helping partners meet new and evolving customer challenges created by work-from-anywhere models, hybrid IT environments, and the evolving threat landscape through Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program and enablement tools for partners. The program is focused on enabling growth opportunities that are unique with Fortinet’s expansive portfolio built around the Fortinet Security Fabric, designed to secure customers’ entire infrastructure from the data center to the cloud.

In addition, Fortinet is committed to helping partners grow productive, predictable, and rewarding relationships to differentiate from competitors. The Fortinet Engage Partner program helps partners acquire the industry knowledge they need to increase business opportunities, deliver digital acceleration for customers with customizable programs, and accelerate partner growth.


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