Why Everything-as-a-Service is the future of IT infrastructure

by | 25 Jan, 2023 | Article

Everything has its place. (And can be delivered as a service.)

There’s little doubt that businesses are already seeing the benefits of the cloud model, whether it’s through Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Droves of organizations are moving their workloads to the public cloud where it makes sense.

The public cloud is providing organizations with the agility and flexibility they need — which will be even more essential in the uncertain year ahead.

But what about the rest of your IT services? What about the legacy applications, infrastructure, and tools that can’t be easily moved to the cloud? And what about those workloads that for reasons of privacy, data sovereignty, or performance simply don’t belong there? What if the public cloud proves to be cost prohibitive? (Those data egress fees sure can sneak up on you.)

Not everything can reside on the cloud. But everything can benefit from a cloud model. That’s what Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) is about.

The X in Everything-as-a-Service is a placeholder for any IT system, technology, or tool. XaaS brings a pay-as-you-go consumption-based pricing model to, quite frankly, everything IT does, allowing scaling up and down exactly when needed to meet changing requirements. It sounds like the cloud, but it’s not… necessarily.

Whether it’s communications, infrastructure, network, security — everything — XaaS is delivered as a managed service from a provider like Advizex. In fact, Advizex already offers an incredibly wide portfolio of as-a-Service offerings: infrastructure, disaster recovery, database, monitoring, networking, SOC, ServiceNow, and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), and so on.

Why? Because we know that’s where the future is taking our customers. Use of the public cloud continues to grow exponentially, for the reasons I’ve suggested and more.

Interest in XaaS is huge. The global XaaS market was valued at $245 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow to $1225 billion by 2030, according to a recent report.

While a pay-as-you-go approach certainly leads to cost savings, XaaS offers so much more. Deloitte notes in a recent Insights report that IT companies are adopting XaaS and flexible consumption models increasingly for business agility — being able to course correct on a dime and rapidly reinvent how they deliver value to customers.

“Rather than simply using flexible consumption models to cut costs and increase workforce efficiency, many organizations are adopting XaaS to transform digitally and become more agile,” the Deloitte report suggests.

Deloitte adds that, at the time of the report, 71 percent of companies it surveyed were using XaaS for more than half of their organization’s enterprise IT. And that number has surely grown.

We’re seeing the same in working with our customers, where XaaS is providing benefits beyond economy and efficiency. A few of the top-level benefits organizations are seeing from XaaS:

  • Consumption-based costs: With XaaS you pay only for what you use when you use it.
  • Scalability: XaaS hardware has extra capacity in place and is ready to use, so you can scale as needed.
  • Increased business agility: By freeing up resources, providing elasticity, and improving efficiency, XaaS helps you act (and react) more quickly.
  • Choice and flexibility: Whether hardware, software, or public cloud providers, XaaS lowers the cost of accessing new and best-of breed technologies.
  • Simplify operations: XaaS solutions are monitored, managed, and patched as a managed service.
  • Speed to market: XaaS accelerates digital transformation by providing the IT resources you need exactly when you need them.
  • Focus on value: Free up resources for higher value tasks by removing the need to manage hardware.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Consuming IT through XaaS is a game-changer for organizations. Imagine a consistent, cloud-like experience around everything the organization must do to meet its business goals.

How Advizex helps

Advizex’s Cloud Managed Services team offers preplanned services or à la carte XaaS options, based on your organization’s goals and needs. We bring to bear our expertise and proven methodologies, so your IT team can focus on other business-critical objectives.

To learn more about Advizex Everything-as-a-Service, our broad portfolio, and our approach to planning, building, and managing our customers’ as-a-service enterprise IT, check out our flipbook Industry Leading Everything-as-a-Service Offerings.