Advizex and Dell Technologies, We’re On It.

by | 10 Apr, 2022 | Video

As businesses experience an increasingly remote workforce, companies must shift their IT infrastructure to accommodate new hybrid teams. This means consolidating data centers and streamlining designs, but where can you find technology that can scale with your needs backed by the support of a trusted adviser?

Dell EMC Power Edge MX provides flexible, fast IT infrastructure with quick and easy scaling from one to ten chassis in a single domain. Dell MX modular infrastructure powered by Intel® Xeon® processors is designed specifically for enterprise data center density and future extensibility with simple deployment and management.

When you partner with Advizex, a leading technology provider of infrastructure and enterprise application solutions, our expert team will navigate you through your IT journey tailored to your company’s unique needs to unlock your team’s potential, reduce your total cost of ownership, and maximize your business value.

Watch this video to learn more.