3 Reasons to Outsource Your Help Desk (to Advizex)

by | 23 Sep, 2021 | Article

Nearly all of us have experienced the frustration of having forgotten a password. Many of us IT professionals have also experienced the frustration of needing to stop what we’re doing in order to help someone else who has forgotten a password … or needs help setting up a printer… or updating an email distribution list….

These seemingly small tasks are essential to everyday productivity for just about all of us. For an organization, handling these tasks in a timely, experienced and pleasant way can be a very big challenge. After all, the requests are difficult to predict.

The answer lies in creating a Help Desk.

Thanks to reliable remote technology, organizations no longer must staff a Help Desk in-house. Outsourcing your first line of defense can be a smart decision for 3 main reasons:

1. Improve your employee satisfaction.

With our US-based team, immediate help is readily available when your employees need it the most. We’re IT professionals with experience across platforms, applications and industries.

Reducing the number of interruptions your IT staff experience each day adds up to saving time and frustration. As they’re able to stay focused on business-driving initiatives and progress that best utilize their skills, they’re going to be more satisfied.

2. Reduce internal training time and costs.

Employing a full-time, in-house Help Desk can get costly fast. As you implement technologies new to the organization, users will have questions that need answered quickly. Because the Advizex team serves various customers across industries, they’re experienced in both legacy and cutting-edge applications.

3. Increase your organization’s agility, reliability and knowledge.

By keeping your employees happy and productive, your organization benefits across the board. While we can’t always predict the quantity or timing of issues, we can develop plans to manage their remediation. This helps stabilize a vital IT function.

Bonus Reason #4

When you partner with Advizex Help Desk, we’re getting to know your business and your systems. This gives us a head start when we want to plan and execute another IT project. For instance, when it’s time for an infrastructure refresh, you’ll have access to a partner who can provide recommendations based on actual knowledge and experience with your systems.

Because we triage based on issue priority and business impact, we’re able to set expectations and provide structure around an area that can otherwise become chaotic.

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