Advizex Microsoft Cloud Productivity

by | 4 Aug, 2021 | Article

Let the Cloud Work for You.

Many organizations start their cloud journey with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Services:

  • Advisory, strategic planning, and readiness assessments
  • End-to-end planning design, implementation, and migration service
  • Maturing and driving services integration and business adoption – are you getting the most out of your investment dollars?

Azure Services:

  • Advisory, Strategic Planning and Readiness Assessments
  • Implementation, configuration, platform adoption
  • Extend your datacenter
  • IDM and SSO
  • Blobs and containerization
  • Developing apps for the Azure Marketplace

Enterprise Mobility Suite Services:

  • Device management in the cloud
  • Identity management in the cloud
  • Document rights management in the cloud

If You’re Using Microsoft Office 365, Have You Reached Its Full Potential?

While you’re familiar with Word, Excel, and Outlook, you might not realize the robust collaboration tools Microsoft 365 offers. We may want to leverage what you’re probably already paying for:

  • OneDrive: file storage and sharing
  • SharePoint: asset management
  • Teams: project management, instant messaging, online meetings