A Healthy Network is a Happy Business.

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With the pandemic came numerous challenges for businesses — and for IT professionals. Almost overnight, businesses moved their workforce remote, an incredible feat when you stop to think about it. Now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s time to ensure your network is stable, efficient and performing as it should.

How Do I know If My Network Isn’t Healthy?

When you rapidly expand your network to support remote workers, issues are bound to arise. There are several tell-tale signs that something isn’t quite right:

  • Login delays
  • Timeouts
  • Dropped sessions
  • Applications not loading

All of these add up to frustrated users. If you’re receiving these types of complaints, it’s time to step back and assess.

5 Reasons to Optimize Your IT Network.

Your network is the backbone of your IT systems, and your IT is the backbone of your business. When employees can’t access the information they need, they can’t do their jobs efficiently. (And sometimes, they can’t do them at all.)

When you optimize your network, you see 5 main improvements:

  1. Increases in performance
  2. Improvements in the end-user experience
  3. Dramatic increases in information exchange speed
  1. Higher degree of security
  2. Ability to troubleshoot problems more quickly

How Do I Assess My Network?

Advizex has always looked for ways to support our customers not only with technology but also with a strategy to support short- and long-term business goals. It’s part of our Customer for Life mantra. That’s why we’ve created our no-fee Network Assurance Assessment.

Introducing Our No-Fee Network Assurance Assessment.

Our Network Assurance Health Assessment is a no-fee, cloud-based service that assesses your network and application environment. We look at your existing network environment and give you insights on how to reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency. We’ll tell you how to optimize your network’s performance, availability and security.

Assessing from the End-User Perspective Is Key.

Because end-users are the ones experiencing problems, we need to look at performance from their perspective. That can be a challenge: it’s like when your car starts making a noise. As soon as you take it into the mechanic, the noise stops. This happens often.

It recently happened at one of our healthcare customers, a large provider of short- and long-term care, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and specialty care. Users reported problems, but their in-house network team couldn’t replicate them. Through wi-fi monitoring, Advizex discovered there were wireless channels overlapping on the 2.4 GHz spectrum, which affected their IoT medical devices. We were also able to demonstrate which applications were affected the most and during what times. The customer’s network team was so impressed by this assessment, they brought us on to help with an upcoming wireless refresh.

At another customer, this time a large dairy cooperative, end-users reported performance issues with an in-house application hosted in their datacenter. It kept timing out, causing great frustration. Advizex determined that both the wireless and network were in good health. We then looked at their recently deployed firewall and discovered that a firewall configuration had caused the issues. Working with the in-house team, our professional services engineer tuned the firewall to eliminate the timeout issues.

Taking Care of Your Network is Taking Care of Your Business.

Even without the pandemic, checking in on the network is just good business. End-users need consistent, reliable access to their information. With technology moving at increasing speeds, IT departments are burdened with implementing the latest and greatest as fast as they can. Allowing an experienced, third-party observer like Advizex come in and take a look makes everyone’s lives easier.

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