Advizex – Challenging Corporate Cultural Norms

by | 1 Mar, 2021 | Article

Advizex is an industry leading technology provider for infrastructure and enterprise application solutions. Our community of experts and dedicated employees have allowed us to thrive for over 40 years. Are you ready for a career at Advizex? Below are some questions we often hear during interviews regarding our work culture.

How would you define an Advizex team member?

We can be described as hard-working, passionate and dedicated. This is a place to not only do what you love, but love what you do and the people you work with.

What are some ways that Advizex supports its employees?

We believe happy employees are productive employees, and that health and family come first. Our Health and Wellness program encourages all employees to live a healthy lifestyle by offering individual/team challenges, preventive care awareness and interactive workshops. Our casual and flexible work environment provides our employees with a healthy work/life balance.

How does Advizex support its local communities?

We are dedicated to our mission of “giving back”. We believe that being an asset to the communities where we work and live is very important. We work together to support local charities throughout the year.

What are the communication channels like at Advizex?

We have an open-door and open-book policy. The leadership team encourages interactions between employees at every level, and we all believe in the importance of transparency. Our monthly all-hands call provides a forum for team members to ask any type of questions to be answered by our President.

What would you say is the Advizex mantra?

Respect for the Individual. We believe every employee should be treated equally and with respect. The leadership team believes that respect increases productivity. And employees are generally happier when they work in such a positive environment.

What are some ways that Advizex employees stay connected both during work and after hours?

We believe that showing appreciation for our employees is very important and that relationships should exist outside of work hours. We do this by hosting holiday parties, employee picnics, lunches, happy hours and team building activities. Our top-performers are rewarded at our yearly ‘President’s Club’ incentive trip. This serves as a chance for us to thank those employees for their service and dedication to the company.

What would you say is your ideal candidate?

We look for team members that will add value and embody our company culture. We are looking for hard-working, self-starters. We want individuals that are excited to come to work everyday and invest in a company that invests so much back into its employees.

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