Using the Advizex Organizational Advizer® to Improve IT Departments

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As your business environment shifts, you may find your IT department isn’t living up to its full potential. Maybe you’re not getting the full return on your tools investment or certain roles are no longer positioned to maximize their productivity. You might start considering an organizational restructuring, but what does that even entail?

What Is Organizational Restructuring?

Organizational restructuring is all about strategically transforming for your business. When it comes to IT departments, the shift to digital offices and workspaces has the potential to be a burden on your team. As a CEO, when you think about where your business is headed, you need your CIO aligned with this direction. A strategic transformation of your IT department puts your vision at the forefront and leads to increased organizational success. Most organizational restructures involve an outside advisor who will walk you through how to improve upon the processes you already have in place and shift processes that aren’t as effective so your business can run smoothly. ▾

Reasons for Organizational Restructuring

Coronavirus has shaken up all industries, and you might be going through big, organizational changes. Your business needs a strategic transformation if you have put new processes into place that aren’t working correctly. For example, if you’re shifting from an on-premises datacenter to a cloud infrastructure or a hybrid cloud model, your team needs different skillsets to take full advantage of your investment. The Advizex Organizational Advizer® is a roadmap you can take back to your team to assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Organizational Restructuring Process

The Advizex Organizational Advizer® delivers a process-driven approach for assessing your business needs. Advizex first develops an understanding of your company from the inside out. We conduct an alignment survey with you and your CIO to understand your needs and goals for your IT department. We then interview stakeholders from both the business side and the IT side.

Our recommendations stem from an understanding of nine core areas of your business, including infrastructure and operations, project and portfolio management, people and resources.

The next step in the Advizex Organizational Advizer® process is developing an overarching strategy for alleviating your structural IT concerns and helping you execute on that plan. Your IT strategy moving forward will be a collaborative plan with input from all of the necessary stakeholders.

Organizational restructuring does not always include a headcount reduction. Sometimes, certain employees are better suited for different responsibilities, they need additional training for new tools you’ve implemented, or they can spearhead a new sub-department within IT now that your business structure has changed. It sometimes involves an IT department expansion. The ultimate goal is to figure out what structure will be most effective for your business based on your specific organizational goals. What works for one company won’t necessarily work for another.

How We Helped a State-Funded Healthcare Organization

A state-funded healthcare organization needed our help migrating from their existing infrastructure to a new target-state infrastructure. We developed a plan for them through the Advizex Organizational Advizer® process:

  • Started with a meeting to assess the current IT department
  • Spoke to the CEO, the retiring CIO, and key stakeholders including the board
  • Provided a clear roadmap to improve how they deliver IT services (the organizational structure)

Because they were searching for a new CIO, we also assisted with defining the criteria to ensure it aligned with our findings. The major benefit this organization experienced was their ability to implement more efficient high-level IT processes and procedures across the entire organization.

Moving Forward with the Advizex Organizational Advizer®

According to Gartner, 64% of CEOs are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a chance to redesign their businesses. The workforce has become digitized in a brand new way, and it’s worth reassessing your IT department to make sure your employees are being set up for success.

We’ve found that by the time organizations realize they need help, they’re already in too deep. Organizational restructuring requires so much change management. A partner like Advizex will collaborate with you to ensure the transition is as easy as possible. ▪

Advizex is your partner in restructuring your organization to meet and exceed your operational goals. Please connect with us for more information on the Advizex Organizational Advizer®.