How Secure & Effective Is Your Telehealth System?

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When the global pandemic hit, healthcare providers rushed to bring new telehealth services online. With less than a month’s notice, many settled on whatever technology was readily available at the time. Hospitals wanted the fastest results because their in-person visits fell off a cliff and virtual was the only way to continue to engage the majority of their patients. But in that haste, many didn’t have time to consider some critical questions. How can we protect patient data? And what’s the most efficient way to set up this new system?

How Secure Is Your Telehealth Network?

During the COVID-19 national emergency, the Department of Health and Human Services relaxed key HIPAA regulations, allowing clinicians to provide telehealth services to their patients using third-party consumer applications. A doctor could now speak with her patient about symptoms on FaceTime or Zoom, or send a message about X-ray test results over WhatsApp.

While these systems provided quick and easy access to patients, there’s one thing they didn’t do—protect patient privacy.

Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated sectors—and for good reason. Clinicians deal with sensitive health information daily. Because the government relaxed restrictions, care teams were temporarily allowed to use whatever technology they could to access patients remotely. But the fact is consumer technology solutions are not designed or deployed in a manner that safeguards personal health information. They’re also more unreliable and vulnerable to hacking than solutions that are designed and built for healthcare.

ViTel Net and Advizex can help. ViTel Net’s proprietary point-of-care solutions are secure and HIPAA-compliant. Clinicians and patients will enjoy confidential video visits conducted through an encrypted platform. With a focus on cybersecurity, they provide private instant messaging for care team collaboration and a secure way to view medical images and access patient records. Additionally, Advizex networking services are able to ensure data flows remain secure even beyond the telehealth platform.

Patients are trusting you with their personal medical information. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep it secure. ▾

How Efficient Is Your Telehealth Network?

Using technology like FaceTime or Zoom is not only unsafe, but it’s also inconsistent and provides only for the real-time communications component of a virtual visit.

When you have online doctors and nurses using different platforms and devices across the same hospital system, it’s challenging to keep work flowing smoothly, and access to patient data can become a barrier to efficient remote care delivery. Right now, many healthcare providers have one system for virtual visits, one system to view medical images, and another for electronic health records. Imagine if all those platforms could work together seamlessly. The remote provider would have access to ALL relevant patient information, medical imaging, secure communications, and documentation in a single interface.

ViTel Net can help configure a solution for your unique environment and use cases. They link your current platforms to create a more productive, secure, and efficient network. Share information across departments quickly and easily. Meanwhile, Advizex is able to ensure secure access to these applications remotely and across an array of devices that providers are comfortable with. Provide access to any system and any data source to make collaboration and diagnosis effortless. Not only is your data secure, but it’s much simpler to use.

Secure & Efficient Telehealth Is Affordable.

The good news? Productive and secure telehealth platforms don’t have to cost a fortune.

If you’ve made a significant investment in a system you like, we can offer tailored solutions to make it safer and less vulnerable to attacks. You don’t need all new technology to decrease your chance of a security breach. We enhance what you’re already doing and help you become HIPAA compliant.

Have an enterprise video system you like? Or a program for storing patient records? ViTel Net and Advizex partner to get those systems working with one another. This method is not only cost-effective, but it also helps avoid a time-consuming and expensive retraining process for employees. Other telehealth vendors can’t offer this level of service or cost savings.

Contact Advizex to set up a 30-minute discovery call. Advizex partners with ViTel Net and together, we help customers understand what they need to grow into the future. Our focus is on finding the best and most affordable way to make telehealth work for you. ▪