When Agility Matters, Synergy Delivers

by | 15 Jan, 2020 | Article

As the saying goes, “Time is Money.” That’s really true when it comes to IT infrastructure.

To enable overall business objectives – the bottom line – IT departments need to be able to move quickly and seamlessly. The new HPE Synergy, a composable bladed infrastructure, can help.

The Explosive Movement to the Cloud has been Driven by a Thirst for Speed and Agility.

At Advizex, we’re all about speed and agility, yet we believe that your cloud journey is not ultimately about a destination. It’s not a location. It’s a journey to solving business problems by reducing the time it takes to deliver IT to the business. Since new business challenges are constantly emerging, this means your cloud journey is really a transition to a culture of continuous improvement.

This culture brings value in many ways, but it’s not about reducing operational cost. It’s about improving flow: doing more with the resources you have, delivering IT services to the lines of business faster so they can bring products to market faster, and protecting your business from Murphy’s law. These are all things that can only be done in a reliable and consistent manner with automation.

Advizex understands this journey. We’ve been taking customers along it for years. Most customers start at their virtualization layer and start automating there. However, what we’ve learned is that the virtualization stack isn’t the whole story. To truly deliver agile and consistent IT infrastructure, we have to be able to automate and standardize from the bare metal to the application. That’s where HPE’s new Synergy platform, a composable bladed infrastructure, can help, because it was designed to help customers do just that.

Automation is the backbone to becoming flexible and agile. By removing human error, it saves time, creates consistency through standardization, and helps make IT as efficient as possible.

From Blades to Composability

HPE Synergy is the latest generation of blade technologies from HPE, but it’s so much more than the BladeSystem introduced in 2006. Synergy takes blades to the next level, featuring

  • Automated, integrated, self-discovering management
  • REST API ecosystem that allows the automation of 250+ servers from a single API endpoint
  • Global HTML5 dashboards that allow you to monitor and control your ecosystem around the world

HPE Synergy is the first platform architected for composability, which means it’s an automation wiz. If you want to get infrastructure to market, this is the fastest way to do it. Pre-built, yet customizable templates allow you to use a GUI to deploy hundreds of server nodes simultaneously with breathtaking consistency. Or, you could use one of hundreds of Open Source applications to control it using the API.

With automation comes consistent, reliable, and predictable processes that happen with minimal human intervention. Through software, you can quickly mobilize and manage compute, storage, and networking for a new application. No more manual processes or long wait times to launch business-critical innovations. Plus, wasted hardware goes away: the system helps ensure every part of your infrastructure is being used to its potential.

The Benefits of Composability

When it comes to cloud-style computing, composability is essential. A composable infrastructure is one that gives IT departments the agility to meet business demands as they change. It’s about enabling reconfiguration and redeployment of hardware – through software. It does this by creating pools of resources that are traditionally bound up in a single server and managing their use through software.

For example, let’s say our server features components such as CPU and memory, disk drives, network connectivity, and storage. With Synergy, the servers keep the CPU and memory, but the Synergy ecosystem takes connectivity and storage and delivers them as pools of resources. This means we can take a server resource and match it with a specific set of network resources (like a couple of disk drives for a day), and then, using software alone, we can reconfigure that to the server plus different networks, different disks, and SAN storage and then swap it back to the previous configuration whenever we wanted. Imagine taking 30% of your virtualization environment and repurposing it to do other tasks like machine learning, or maybe batch processing on weekends. Synergy enables that.

The benefits are numerous. For example:

  • Optimized application performance
  • Balanced utilization
  • More agile data center
  • More cost-effective data center

Advizex Turns IT into a Business Driver

Advizex has the experience and expertise to enable virtualization and set up automation. Synergy gives us the opportunity to extend automation that goes from the bare metal to the application. We transform IT from just a cost of doing business to the engine that drives business growth.

If an IT department is bogged down in maintaining its systems through manual processes or putting out fires, we can help transform your world. We believe that if we’re not increasing your organization’s ability to grow, we’re not doing our jobs. Flexible infrastructure is a must if we’re to turn IT into a department that delivers to the business. For many, HPE Synergy helps us do just that.

For more information on HPE Synergy and how Advizex can help with all your automation and cloud journey needs, contact us here.