PRIMary Storage for the ERA of the Intelligent Enterprise

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What if you had a storage solution for your most critical data that came with a 100% uptime guarantee? Can this be possible? It can, and it is.

Introducing HPE Primera, the latest storage innovation from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). If I sound pretty excited, it’s because I am.

Mission-Critical Data Storage & the Bottom Line

While IT departments historically look at storage as a means to an end, we at Advizex take a different approach. When businesses look at their IT departments critically — which I’m always preaching — storage becomes a growth opportunity. The perfect example is storing mission-critical data. When we look at our business holistically, we shouldn’t ask ourselves how much does the storage unit cost. We should ask ourselves this: How much will it cost our lines of business to lose or lose access to mission-critical data? This includes actual cost (lost value of committed operational expense) as well as lost market opportunity (products we didn’t make or couldn’t sell). That’s the true value.

For example, one of my customers recently experienced a downtime loss to the tune of about $500,000, based on products that were made but couldn’t be sold due to a manufacturing line shutting down. Until Primera, this type of downtime was just a part of our expectations.

HPE Primera – 3PAR Evolves

Data is categorized by tiers, and tier-0 data represents the most critical. Unfortunately, top-tier array solutions have been extremely complicated. That is until HPE Primera. HPE Primera re-imagines HPE’s 3PAR product line. While it shares much of the code base and history of the 3PAR, it’s a radical shift in some of its software and hardware. HPE has a long history of tackling storage solutions, and the Primera is the culmination of HPE’s commitment to creating a reliable storage solution for tier-0 data. ▾

We should ask ourselves this: How much will it cost our lines of business to lose or lose access to mission-critical data?

Artificial Intelligence Tackles Complex Infrastructures

IT infrastructure complexity is a well-known challenge. When applying updates and patches, we must do so flawlessly. In the case of our customer, one small mistake caused their outage. When I say these mistakes are nearly unavoidable, I’m not exaggerating. The problem with complexity is that we can’t possibly predict every single potential problem, since we can’t retain the knowledge-base of product experience in our heads. Humans cannot, but artificial intelligence can. Thanks to HPE’s InfoSight, has the richest set of telemetry, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics on the market.

InfoSight continually gathers data from Primera, 3PAR, Nimble, and even ProLiant Servers, with more data sources coming online monthly. This data allows the system to identify problems and apply workarounds — automatically. Think of it like your cloud-based antivirus approach: once a virus is detected, it’s fingerprinted, and both the fingerprint and fix instructions are put back in the cloud. Then, everyone attached to that cloud can immediately detect and evade that virus. Similarly, with Primera, configuration, performance, software and hardware failure fingerprints are generated rapidly and fixes distributed — automatically. This improves uptime dramatically and reduces service calls.

Since this fingerprinting also includes performance and capacity data, it allows HPE to proactively identify and fix performance problems before you as a customer even know they’re going to happen.

An Industry First – Guaranteed 100% Uptime

With Primera, HPE has moved as much as they could out of the operating kernel of the controllers, moving to an API-based data services model, where data services run in user space.

This means:

  • Most upgrades and patches will be online without even requiring a controller reboot
  • Simpler, user-directed upgrades
  • Long-term stable code releases (up to 3 years without needing a controller reboot) 

The result? HPE is offering an unprecedented 100% Availability Guarantee. Provided you install the patches (patches which, by the way, don’t require downtime), if you have a qualified outage, HPE will work to resolve it and give you credits toward future purchases.

The Advizex Advantage

At Advizex, we understand the impact of technologies for our customers. We’re able to help our customers navigate the complexities of modern IT and connect the best technologies to their business needs. We’re not looking to implement the shiny new toy — we strive to effectively solve the business problems and help make IT a driver of business for the future, rather than a cost of doing business. ▪