Joe Clarke on EUC Application Delivery

Join double VCDX (currently in pursuit of his third) Joe Clarke as he walks you through what is required to truly provide intelligent digital workspace, and what can be done today and where the future is going for intelligence. Joe also provides a hands on demo environment of Workspace One Intelligence.

Increasing business value through IT automation with Rolta|Advizex & VMware

As businesses modernize and integrate with new and innovating technologies, focus is shifted to business growth and performance. Chris Kunselman, Principal Cloud Architect at Rolta|Advizex, discusses IT automation and the foundation of business transformation.

Rolta|Advizex and HPE Nimble Storage #5

With over 40 years of experience Rolta|Advizex has helped our customers to accelerate the adoption of new applications and hybrid infrastructure.

Rolta|Advizex and HPE Nimble Storage #4

Rolta|Advizex believes that Flash is the new normal, with HPE Nimble Storage we can deliver a solution that is radically simple, reliably fast and has exceptional data mobility.

Rolta|Advizex and HPE Nimble Storage #3

By working with Rolta|Advizex to implement your HPE Nimble storage solution, you will have a trusted advisor to help you make that transition.

Rolta|Advizex and HPE Nimble Storage #2

Rolta|Advizex and HPE provide storage solutions that will future-proof your business.

Rolta|Advizex and HPE Nimble Storage #1

Begin your data center transformation with Rolta|Advizex and HPE.

Rolta|Advizex approach to IT Automation

Are you trying to automate more of your IT environment? Do you understand how much business value you can obtain from automating specific tasks? Do you know how to quantify the value for the effort? Join Chris Kunselman, Principal Cloud Architect, as he discusses the Advizex approach to helping customers automate IT.

VMware Tech Series: Patrick Stasko – the Software Defined Data Center

What is the Software Defined Data Center and one if its key components, network virtualization? Learn how the NSX can benefit your organization!