Infrastructure Assessments Offer Unique Insights Into Your Business

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Have you ever spent a significant amount of time trying to come up with a solution, only to have someone else walk in and see the answer right away?

Often all it takes is a new perspective on a situation to find the ideal solution. Maybe there is that one final piece of information someone else sees bringing the answer into view.  Are you wondering how your IT infrastructure can actually help you achieve your business goals? Curious how your current IT environment compares to the industry? Maybe you’d like to know from an outside perspective what is possible given your specific constraints and business demands.

Earlier this year, Advizex started offering a new perspective on the possibilities of digital transformation with our IT Infrastructure Assessments program, #GetModern. The assessment can be performed in less than a week by Advizex technologists. The program analyzes how your IT infrastructure is performing today and presents a fully customized report showing the cost savings and improved performance metrics of updating your current infrastructure. Our deep heritage in both applications and hybrid infrastructure are essential elements of our approach to developing new solutions. For over 40 years we have partnered with leading technology providers to create innovative IT solutions that bring real business value to our customers.

Advizex is honored to work with some of the nation’s leading organizations. One of our customers is a large North American specialty retailer. In a market that is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of technology adoption, this industry leader is continually tasked with using technology to stay ahead of the competition. The #GetModern IT Infrastructure Assessment came just as they were evaluating their multi-state data center strategy. Through a series of acquisitions and associated growth, this retailer had data centers throughout the East Coast. As the company looked to tighten the technology integrations and streamline IT operations, they began to consider different approaches to the IT environment. ▾

Would they collapse all the locations together? Could automation truly deliver value? Was it possible to accomplish such a massive migration of the company’s most critical asset, data, within a reasonable time frame?

Advizex technologists have a deep knowledge of IT and the products required to create positive business results for our clients.

The right IT infrastructure improvements can make the difference from focusing on the fight of just keeping up with the competition to setting the standards on consumer technology integration. This retailer had an IT environment based on Dell Technologies, and Advizex has been a Dell Technologies Top Technology Services Partner in the United States since 2008.

Within two to three weeks, Advizex outlined how much more efficiently they could run their business bringing data centers together and utilizing a hyperconverged infrastructure with VxRail. Without getting too focused on the specific technology utilized, the VxRail is one of our favorite hyperconverged appliances. It is fully integrated with VMware dramatically simplifying operations without sacrificing security. It also allows you to start small and scale as you grow. That’s ideal for any business.

Their legacy VMAX arrays were taking up too much space, adding complexity, and limiting their ability to support future business-critical applications. With the assessment completed, the business case was there in detail with their unique network nuances and specific requirements. There was no question about the cost savings or future network topology. The assessment revealed that the customer could replace an existing Dell Technologies VMAX 40K that is consuming 7 floor tiles with a Dell Technologies VMAX All Flash that is only 20U requiring 1 floor tile.

This sparked a deeper conversation around the All Flash solutions that significantly reduce the power and cooling costs associated with the storage devices. The next phase of the project will likely encompass replacing two Dell Technologies VMAX 40Ks (11 floor tiles) with a single 20U Dell Technologies PowerMax for all workloads that aren’t on the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

In the retail industry, this customer is under constant pressure to provide value to their customers based on their ability to sell a quality product at a fair price while providing a positive shopping experience.

Many legacy systems can negatively impact a consumer’s experience and cause network performance bottlenecks which can slow or even debilitate a point of sale system, both at brick and mortar and online stores. We all know what happens when it takes too long to checkout in either an online store or waiting for a cashier in the physical store.  If customers are inconvenienced, they will be lost.

A digital transformation helps retailers provide a positive experience to their customers, including shorter wait times, better in-store experiences, and more value for the money. For this retailer, they were able to accelerate workloads, automate IT service delivery, increase performance, and incur cost savings. All of that adds up to a better overall experience that is then passed on to the consumer.

We can’t think of a reason to not take advantage of this free, custom IT assessment. The more you know, the better you can prepare for the future. Start your Advizex/Dell Technologies #GetModern assessment today. ▪