Streamlining IT to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

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IT departments commonly complain about spending way too much time keeping their infrastructure running when they really want to be spending that time on projects that will positively impact the business.

In healthcare, and hospitals in particular, these IT projects can impact the quality of care a patient receives or even potentially change patient outcomes. Seconds count when we are talking about saving lives, so streamlining operations and tasks in a healthcare setting can have a tremendous impact.

The Unique Landscape of Healthcare

Healthcare institutions are well aware of the unique challenges that add to the complexity of their IT solutions; it is important that their partners are as familiar as they are with these challenges. Rolta AdvizeX is well versed in how the healthcare industry works and is sensitive to a hospital’s environment which is unlike any other industry.

When a major healthcare network, which included a nationally recognized tertiary care hospital, was approaching both a major upgrade to their electronic medical record (EMR) software solution and the end of normal support on their existing infrastructure, they turned to Rolta AdvizeX for a solution that would modernize their data center.

This innovative healthcare system strives to connect comprehensive care and services to people living throughout their state, connecting people in the region to a multitude of specialists who have the expertise and skills one usually only finds in big cities. Serving thousands of patients every year they realize the impact these IT projects can have on their goal of helping the people in the communities they serve achieve optimum health and enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Architecting a Unique Solution

A Rolta AdvizeX customer for eight years, our solution architects were very familiar with their existing environment and the challenges they were facing with more than 400 physicians and other advance practice clinicians providing primary and specialized care to thousands of patients each year. The EMR upgrade required an expansion to their existing infrastructure, so it was a perfect opportunity to simplify their existing infrastructure with virtualization, a converged infrastructure, and simplified operations. With these innovations, the healthcare network hoped to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve application performance
  • Simplify the existing infrastructure
  • Shift the IT staff’s focus from operations to business projects
  • Reduce operating costs

Rolta AdvizeX’s solution architects designed a solution that encompassed upgrading their EMR, upgrading from VMware vSphere® 5.5 to 6.0, implementing VMware vSphere with Operations Management™ (vSOM) as part of their overall architecture, and moving to a converged infrastructure. Rolta AdvizeX was bidding against two other companies on this project. Rolta AdvizeX was selected due to the strength of their solution architects and technologists’ healthcare knowledge and expertise coupled with the team’s direct experience with the customer’s EMR solution, VMware products and converged infrastructure.

Redirecting IT Efforts and Reducing Operational Costs

The healthcare network was able to achieve all their goals with this data center refresh. By implementing vSOM and HPE ConvergedSystem 700 (CS700) the IT staff’s workload has been drastically reduced. Rolta AdvizeX was able to significantly reduce the data center’s footprint by consolidating the existing servers, which ultimately decreased the physical space needed to store the servers and the heating and cooling costs, thereby decreasing the healthcare network’s operational costs. Additionally, this focused seven-person IT team was able to shift their focus from just keeping the infrastructure running to developing solutions for their “customers” (physicians, clinicians, and administrators) at the hospital, thereby improving care for their patients.

VMware’s vSOM increases application availability and minimizes downtime. vSOM provides consistent management with a single application interface that automates and integrates troubleshooting. The IT staff can view applications and storage in a different way which helps them anticipate capacity and demands and act proactively. vSphere with Operations Management provides IT with the following:

  • Smart alerts
  • Full visibility to applications and storage
  • Customizable dashboard that enhances application monitoring
  • vSphere reports
  • Storage analytics

All this adds up to IT having better insight into what is occurring within their environment. vSOM gives them the tools to monitor and to analyze and solve problems as they occur. This insight is even more critical now that almost all the healthcare network’s applications are virtualized. Future plans include expanding these capabilities with VMware vRealize® Automation™, as well as adding another layer of protection by providing security with VMware NSX®.

The Rolta Advizex Unique Advantage

The Rolta AdvizeX “customers for life” philosophy time after time gives them the advantage over the competition. In this case, the Rolta AdvizeX sales and technical teams have built strong relationships with this healthcare network over the years. The technical expertise and experience of the solution architects and technologists and their local presence strengthened the relationship and increased the customer’s level of comfort and trust. Rolta AdvizeX clearly understands that everything is different in the healthcare industry because patients’ care and health is at stake. The sales team and technologists at Rolta AdvizeX recognize this and help foster this uniqueness while engaging with their healthcare customers.

This solution has truly been a success on all fronts. After the EMR solution went live, the EMR company reported that they had never witnessed a better performing implementation at all their installations throughout the United States. The installation and deployment of the technology did everything Rolta AdvizeX said it would do without a single hitch. The healthcare network continues to rely on Rolta AdvizeX’s expertise and brings them into meetings with other vendors to help make plans and decisions as new upgrades and implementations are proposed. Rolta AdvizeX’s VMware expertise is unmatched as one of the select few companies worldwide that has three VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) professionals on staff.

For Rolta AdvizeX, “customer for life” is more than a marketing slogan. It is their driving philosophy, and one that has served our customers well over the last four decades. Rolta AdvizeX’s highly trained technology experts provide individualized solutions for our customers and truly become a part of the team. To learn more about how we can help, contact your local Rolta AdvizeX representative or visit us online at ▪