Before You Buy More RAID Storage, Read This.

This year, about one in four enterprises will upgrade their storage systems. For most of those enterprises, the decision will be based on cost and capacity.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting a good deal on low-cost servers and storage, there’s a good deal more that enterprises should be thinking about, like security, availability and business agility. Before you simply buy more servers and RAID storage and go back to business as usual, think about what your business could get by moving its data to a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

HCI is a natural choice for data storage. It’s simple, scalable, available, powerful and cost-efficient. Depending on the HCI platform you choose, there are also some very attractive benefits to be gained, such as dramatic reduction of data storage requirements and built-in security.

HPE’s SimpliVity is a perfect example of how HCI can help you do more with less. SimpliVity features native data decompression and deduplication right at the source, which dramatically reduces your storage requirements. SimpliVity also helps you restore your data faster through built-in data protection.

The benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure aren’t merely marketing hype. HPE actually guarantees that SimpliVity will:

  • Reduce your storage and backup capacity requirements by 90% or more;
  • Complete a local backup or restore of a one-terabyte VM is less than a minute;
  • Never cost you downtime when you add or replace SimpliVity systems;
  • Allow organizations to create or update policies for thousands of VMs in under a minute;
  • Never require more than three clicks to backup, restore, move or clone a VM.

When you factor in the points above, SimpliVity can reduce your total cost of ownership by as much as 73%.

That number is likely to impress both your boss and the bean counters, but how does SimpliVity make your life easier? Let’s start with your time. You may get three hours of it back every day by reducing the time it takes to do daily data backups.

In fact, IT teams that adopt HCI solutions report having 81% more time to dedicate to new projects. And HCI can help you can keep more of your data out of the hands of public cloud providers. SimpliVity costs, on average, about half of the leading cloud providers, while giving you excellent data protection and recovery times that can be measured in seconds, not minutes or hours.

About half of all enterprises are using or plan to use HCI in their data centers in the next 12 months – the key word there being plan. Moving to a hyper-converged infrastructure requires careful planning, a proven methodology and product expertise – capabilities that you’ll find at Rolta AdvizeX. We offer a specialized, multiphase Storage Advizer engagement designed to help enterprises improve their data backup and recovery systems and align them with the business goals of tomorrow. As a leading HPE partner for more than 40 years, our combined knowledge of HCI and HPE is unique in the industry.

If you’d like to tap into that knowledge, check out my webinar, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: The Powerful, Simple, Efficient Way to Upgrade Your IT.