Advizex Tech Spotlight: Shinya Sakuta

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Global Perspective with a Local Connection.

My journey began on the other side of the world. Growing up in Japan, I came from a long line of educators that focused not only on perfecting complicated disciplines, but then teaching those to others. Given my lineage, maybe it isn’t surprising that after coming to the United States as an exchange student, I decided to stay and embark on a career with the world’s most advanced technology.

It has been over two decades since I started my career helping enterprises get more from best-of-breed innovations. What a wild ride it has been! The 1990s meant an explosion of IT technologies. Businesses raced to build out their infrastructures. By the time VMware emerged on the scene, enterprises were wrestling with increasing IT management costs, insufficient cybersecurity protection, limited disaster recovery capabilities, and high maintenance end-user desktops.

There were new point products being developed to solve each individual problem, but limited solutions to address the whole IT challenge. My background in technology and business enabled me to focus on the total health of the business. Early on, I started working to build solutions that not only reduced costs, but also addressed the other weakness exposed during the height of the 1990 IT boom.

What I discovered during those years is the value businesses could achieve from a total IT solution approach vs. point products. Even the most skeptical were persuaded to consider their strategy when they saw the productivity gains. Teaching businesses how to use technology to garner a competitive advantage brought together my family traditions with my passion for complex technology.

To be a true master of technology solutions, we need to understand how a vast portfolio of the world’s most advanced technology works together to make a unique business solution and be able to translate that into business value.

Building enterprise solutions tailored for each individual business is one of the reasons I joined Advizex. Our company prides itself on not only working with the most advanced innovations, but also understanding how and when to apply those products to a business. Every business is slightly different, which makes each engagement slightly different and keeps us challenged to learn more. With the continual change in technology, there is no standing still. You need to constantly be learning and exploring new technology.

Why Advizex?

The company’s heritage of leveraging technology to generate positive business outcomes even predates my move to the United States. For over 40 years, Advizex has partnered with organizations to deliver the right technology to make them stronger. Determining the right technology doesn’t come from being complacent. You have to be adaptable, bring innovative ideas to each situation, and collaborate across teams. Advizex never forgets the reason we deliver technology solutions is to strengthen our customer’s business. We don’t just deploy the next cool piece of technology without truly understanding it.

When you approach every engagement from a customer first mindset, it is easy to get excited about solving big problems. Whether it is across the globe or here in Cincinnati – the Advizex mantra of customers for life holds true.

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