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April 2018

The Hybrid Cloud: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s IT Managers

Today’s IT managers are facing some tough challenges. As digital transformation accelerates the pace of business, companies in every industry are under increasing pressure to bring new products and services to market more rapidly – while actively engaging with their customers through personalized experiences. To meet the organization’s demands quickly and efficiently, IT managers need to innovate and be agile, all while controlling costs and reducing security risks. As a result, modern data centers need to be flexible, scalable, and secure to power these organizations’ innovation and growth.

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Technology Making a Play in Sports

Since the 1850’s baseball has been known as America’s “national pastime.” Major League Baseball organizations and their home fields are synonymous with many American cities. Today, building and maintaining world-class facilities that offer fans more than just a place to watch a game, but a “total experience” is a necessity. Today, sports complexes across the country, technology is playing a significant role in the business of baseball. Whether it’s engaging with fans and customers via social media, managing security threats, competing for talent, or using data to increase ticket and food sales, all of it depends on a strong information technology backbone.

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The Impact of Consumerization on End User Computing

I can’t remember the last time I walked into a bank branch to deposit a check. It’s a reflection of the incredible strides we’ve made in the past decade to perform tasks from increasingly mobile scenarios—in my case, using a mobile app to make bank deposits. This is a good example of consumerization changing my quality of life while providing new freedom.

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Rolta|Advizex and HPE Partnership

We at Rolta AdvizeX are proud to have had a partnership for over 40 years with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, including more than 700 HPE certifications. Listen to our CEO C.R. Howdyshell and Solutions Architect Joe Clarke share more on what makes this relationship increasingly relevant for our customers.

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Better Information Starts with Better Storage

Many organizations approach data storage from a tactical rather than a strategic perspective, and that’s a mistake. Your organization doesn’t derive value from storing more data; it derives value from the information that comes from that data. When you view data storage through the lens of the business information it will generate, it changes the way you see your storage requirements. Suddenly, how much and how cheap aren’t the only decision drivers, as you consider how the scalability, security and accessibility of your storage architecture impact the extraction and flow of information through your business.

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You Need Data to Soar, Not Store

We encourage enterprises to look at their storage investments in terms of the business returns they can expect on that investment. If your storage strategy isn’t focused on creating more value from your data, it’s not really helping your business.

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Streamlining IT to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

IT departments commonly complain about spending way too much time keeping their infrastructure running when they really want to be spending that time on projects that will positively impact the business. In healthcare, and hospitals in particular, these IT projects can impact the quality of care a patient receives or even potentially change patient outcomes. Seconds count when we are talking about saving lives, so streamlining operations and tasks in a healthcare setting can have a tremendous impact.

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