Healthcare Organization improves Patient Care with VDI Technology

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Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI) are advancing the quality of patient care in hospitals.

It’s really a win-win situation. Doctors, nurses, and clinicians are able to spend more time with their patients; patients receive better care; and IT gains more control over the data. IT manages all the application installation and upgrades from the back end, the physicians’ devices are never touched. Additionally, sensitive patient data is kept secure in the data center, rather than exposed and vulnerable on mobile devices.

Rolta AdvizeX works with healthcare organizations across the Eastern United States helping them use technology to deliver better patient outcomes. For one regional healthcare organization, their IT department had wrestled through the union of three hospitals along with other health care affiliates to form this new organization that was designed to better meet the needs of their communities. The next step in their journey was empowering their digital workspace with VDI.

A leading provider of advanced medical care, this healthcare organization initially partnered with Rolta AdvizeX in 2008. Rolta AdvizeX now manages the storage environments in all their data centers and as a result is onsite nearly weekly, performing health checks and troubleshooting. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of every life they touch. In discussions with the Rolta AdvizeX team, they understood the benefits of VDI and were waiting for the right situation to rollout this new functionality.

A Different Perspective on Cost Savings

The perfect catalyst arrived when the healthcare group was building a $40 million ambulatory care center at the same time their main hospital needed a desktop refresh. The new ambulatory care center brings together primary and specialized care and therapy and lab and imaging services from several health systems to a centralized site. A “one stop shop” that encompasses all your medical needs. The solution Rolta AdvizeX proposed encompassed both locations.

The healthcare organization would leverage VDI to overcome challenges, including:

  • Eliminating the need for hardware and OS refreshes by deploying Virtual Desktops
  • Optimizing physician and clinician workflows by empowering the digital workspace
  • Decrease the time to deploy new applications and updates

Rolta AdvizeX also mapped out a strategy that would provide cost savings in other areas. Using VDI, upgrades only occur in the data center and are pushed out to all users at one time from this central location. In the past, they had to physically go to each desktop to manually perform the upgrade.

Upgrading with VDI saves both money and time. The same applies to the time it takes to deploy new applications and updates. Not only does this save the IT team time, but the physicians and other end users as well. Doctors no longer have to wait while their upgrade is being done. As an end-user it is seamless; they automatically procure the newest version the next time they log-in.

VMware’s Technology Empowers Physicians and keeps Data Secure

To implement these changes, Rolta AdvizeX recommended and this healthcare organization chose VMware. Rolta AdvizeX has seen time and again how VMware’s tools, implemented successfully can lead to cost savings, especially in a healthcare setting. By choosing VMware’s vHorizon® and vSAN™, the organization will be able to:

  • Deliver desktops and applications through a single platform, in seconds, significantly reducing operational costs and improving ROI
  • Secure data and simplify compliance
  • Using hyper-converged infrastructure, deliver simple, scalable storage for virtual desktops and applications, increasing performance and lowering TCO (total cost of ownership)

Rolta AdvizeX’s plan, consisted of two phases, which started with three weeks of planning and design. Given the organization’s reach within its communities, scalability wasn’t optional. The health organization also knew their ultimate goal is a to have a full Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), the plan put them on the right path towards this goal. Phase 2 was deployment. After just seven weeks, the solution had been deployed to approximately 700 users located in the existing hospital.

The next part of this phase included the almost 6,000 users overall, a number that will grow with time. Rolta AdvizeX technologists and the healthcare organization’s own IT professionals worked together to implement a load balanced active/active solution design. The change allows for nondisruptive upgrades that accommodates the 24×7 operations in the hospital.

How the Solution Works

The VDI solution allows a physician to log-in once when they see a patient and then remain in the session as they move from room to room. For example, a doctor can now remain connected as they travel from the ICU to radiology with a patient. Previously, they had to sign-in at each stop, again and again. Using VDI, the session follows them wherever they travel. The doctor swipes his badge and is instantly in the system with the current patient, exactly at the place they left off in the workflow, regardless of his physical location, until the physician logs out.

Rolta AdvizeX worked with the healthcare organization to seamlessly integrate the VDI with their already existing Imprivata system. Integrating with Imprivata’s Virtual Desktop Access (VDA), physicians have fast and easy access to the VMware VDI. Replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes improves the physicians’ efficiency and allows them to spend more time with patients. As you might imagine, the doctors were lining up to be included in the Proof of Concept (POC) for VDI. Only ten physicians were able to participate, and after hearing the accolades of the doctors involved in the POC, those who didn’t make the cut are excited to get onboard and utilize the new technology.

The Rolta AdvizeX Advantage

For Rolta AdvizeX, “customer for life” is more than a marketing slogan. It is their driving philosophy, and one that has served customers well over the last four decades. Rolta AdvizeX’s highly trained technology experts provide individualized solutions for customers and truly become a part of the team. Rolta AdvizeX is working on next steps with this customer including VMware NSX and implementing a BYOD policy that matches their specific needs.

As a recipient of VMware’s Global Partner Innovation Award in the Partner Professional Services category, Rolta AdvizeX is qualified to add value to any VMware deployment. Rolta AdvizeX is one of the select few companies worldwide that has three VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) professionals on staff. To learn more about how Rolta AdvizeX can help, contact your local Rolta AdvizeX representative or visit online at ▪