Health System Conglomerate uses Automation to Deliver the Highest Level of Care

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The Changing Health Care Landscape

Technology is changing the way we do things, and this is especially true in health care. In the foreseeable future we will see new innovations such as, Telemedicine, Wearables, Mobility, and Artificial Intelligence used to administer improved care to patients. In 2015, 80% of doctors surveyed thought Telemedicine was a better way to treat chronic disease than traditional office visits. Wearables can transmit results from tests done in the comfort of a patient’s home in real time. Mobility increases accessibility for both doctors and patients. In 2018, it is predicted that 65% of health care interactions will occur on mobile devices. All this innovation and cutting-edge technology is improving patient care and saving lives, but it also exponentially increasing the degree of complexity in Healthcare IT.

In 2016, one of the largest health systems in the Northeast embarked on a major initiative to modernize their data center and empower their digital workspace. The health care leader launched an aggressive program to find the right IT partner to help them turn innovative products into cutting-edge solutions that would improve patient care and aid researchers in finding new cures and treatments. The years of growth through expanded services and new community locations had put pressure on the IT organization and data center. Consolidating its compute operations ensured their system of world-class hospitals and physician’s groups would operate as efficiently as possible, so their health care professionals could focus solely on delivering the best health care possible.

The IT team urgently needed a partner and technology solution that would allow them to quickly deploy mission critical IT services and simplify the management of services across environments. ▾

Automation from Rolta AdvizeX empowered IT to accelerate the delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure and application services while improving overall IT efficiency.

Eliminating Manual Tasks with Automation

In a health care setting, seconds count, they can mean the difference between life and death, which means speeding up a mission critical application is even that more vital. Security and reliability are not optional. Automation enables IT team to remove process inefficiencies, improve agility and maintain control to ensure compliance, performance and security.

VMware vRealize® Automation™, part of VMware vRealize Suite, accelerated the delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure and application services while improving overall IT efficiency. The health system was able to accelerate productivity by 80% through automation and centralized management. Over 18-months, Rolta AdvizeX implemented these solutions in four phases. Working in conjunction with the customer’s IT team, the Rolta AdvizeX technical team:

  • Deployed additional VMware vRealize Automation environments allowing true lifecycle management of all automation workflows.
  • Integrated vRealize Automation on their new Dell EMC VxRack™ SDDC environment adding capacity and enabling seamless deployments across all platforms.
  • Provided more agility with faster solutions for customizations and new workflows to better meet individual hospital’s and department’s needs.
  • Streamlined the existing ServiceNow internal help desk request process.
  • Extended the capabilities of both ServiceNow and vRealize Automation by adding new features to the combined request infrastructure.

Looking for a Partner rather than a Vendor

This customer was intent on finding a solution that included local and consistent resources to work side by side as partners with the health care company’s own technical staff. From the customer’s perspective, what set Rolta AdvizeX apart was their local resources and their highly trained technologists’ expertise which encompassed all the technologies this customer was implementing. Rolta AdvizeX provided outstanding expertise in automation as this was a main technology focus for 2017.

Rolta AdvizeX created technical teams to support the customer’s VMware, hyper-converged technology and the ServiceNow help desk. The Rolta AdvizeX technical team understood the health care organization‘s big IT picture, including their storage, server and applications. Our technologists used their experience and expertise to craft an individualized solution. They also sought out innovative ways to deploy the solutions, for example using more virtualization and buying less hardware. Rolta AdvizeX’s unbiased recommendations and cost avoidance ultimately saved the customer 35% of the planned costs for this project.

The Rolta AdvizeX Methodology is the Optimal Approach

Rolta AdvizeX’s customer for life philosophy also played a role, as the Rolta AdvizeX team quickly built a strong relationship with the customer’s technical team. The customer was extremely satisfied with Rolta AdvizeX’s overall methodology. The Rolta AdvizeX team built close working relationships with the customer’s developers. For example, during a DevOps portion of the project Rolta AdvizeX helped the customer’s development team carry out the software customizations.

This illustrates the level of partnership Rolta AdvizeX brings to their customer engagements. Relationships were built with CIOs of the various hospitals as well; Rolta AdvizeX’s expertise allows them to interact easily with business leaders as well as developers and IT professionals. The multi-faceted relationship was built on multiple layers across both the business and development arenas. The team garnered a level of trust that allowed Rolta AdvizeX to take on a leadership role and make suggestions and recommendations that the customer hadn’t thought of before. This was a very tactical project, but Rolta AdvizeX surprised them with their strategic contributions.

For Rolta AdvizeX, “customer for life” is more than a marketing slogan. It is our driving philosophy, and one that has served our customers well over the last four decades. Rolta AdvizeX’s highly trained technology experts provide individualized solutions for our customers and truly become a part of the team. As a recipient of VMware’s Global Partner Innovation Award in the Partner Professional Services category, Rolta AdvizeX is qualified to add value to any VMware deployment.

To learn more about how we can help, contact your local Rolta AdvizeX representative or visit us online at ▪