Advizex Insight into VCDX

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VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) are part of an elite group of architects leading virtualization implementations around the world.

Certification is achieved through the unique design defense process, where all candidates must submit and successfully defend a production-ready VMware Solution before a panel of veteran VCDX holders. This process ensures that those who achieve VCDX status are peer-vetted and ready to join an exclusive group of world-class consulting architects.

With only 265 of these talented professionals worldwide, Advizex is proud to have three of these VCDX professionals on staff, and three candidates headed toward their certificate. Listen to this podcast to learn more about why this matters to your business.

VCDX Professionals:

  • #163: Chris Miller, Director of Solutions Engineering, VCDX-NV
  • #138: Joe Clarke, Solutions Architect, VCDX-DTM & VCDX-DCV
  • #168: Nemtallah Daher, Principal Consultant, VCDX-NV

VCDX Candidates:

  • Mike Ross, Principal Virtualization Consultant at Advizex
  • Joseph Mixon, Delivery Consultant, Hybrid Cloud Services at Advizex
  • Shinya Sakuta, Solution Architect at Advizex

Recorded on March 1, 2018.