Oracle in the New Year: Smarter Databases and Simpler Cloud Migrations

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Technology is changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with it these days.

That’s a big reason why we believe eighty percent of enterprise IT solutions will be purchased through service integrators like Advizex. It’s our job to keep up with the latest technology, whether it’s through annual recertifications or constant communications with technology vendors. At Oracle’s OpenWorld last year, change was everywhere you looked, from the new autonomous database capabilities to an ever-expanding cloud portfolio.

As we head into 2018, it’s worth taking a closer look at what Oracle’s $5 billion annual investment in R&D is bringing to the market:

Self-Healing, Self-Supporting Databases

Every organization would like to increase the security and lower the support costs of their database. Oracle has found a way to do both with its new, autonomous database. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning, the latest Oracle database can proactively protect itself and perform self-healing without human intervention. Considering that Oracle’s new databases will be able to proactively prevent things like the Equifax data breach from happening, this has the potential to be huge in the industry.

Intelligent Bots

Oracle is also introducing intelligent, software-based bots that use AI to support machine-to-human interactions. Oracle is betting big on AI and machine-learning; over the next five years, we expect those technologies to be as ubiquitous as big data and the cloud are today. Look for intelligent bots to revolutionize the way organizations deliver and support customer service.

Cloud Migration Automation

Oracle’s transformation as a cloud-centric company was evident at OpenWorld in October. Everyone was talking about the cloud, and Oracle has invested heavily in creating an enterprise-class cloud experience that’s user- and budget-friendly. For example, Oracle Cloud now allows you to bring your legacy database license as you move to the cloud. And they’ve made it much easier to move to the cloud with advanced automation tools that reduce the time and cost of typical cloud migrations.

Embedded Analytics

Analytics have evolved a lot since the big data push of ten years ago. Today, real-time analytics are embedded in organizational processes, from customer service to security. Oracle is combining analytics with machine-learning to create closed-loop processes where data is collected, analyzed and acted upon automatically. This has wide-ranging implications for enterprises, from automated self-service portals to richer e-commerce experiences.

Advizex: Your Oracle Source

Okay, so the Advizex-Oracle relationship isn’t exactly news—we’ve been an Oracle database partner since the 1980s. There are new solutions and services that Advizex can offer customers, including IaaS/PaaS offerings, cloud migration services and managed cloud services. Every year, we undergo extensive recertification and training to ensure that our team knows Oracle inside and out. As a result, our customers count on us to help them Plan, Build and Manage their Oracle technology, whether it’s an on-prem database, infrastructure or managing your Oracle Cloud environment.

Year after year, Advizex and Oracle work together to bring innovative solutions to your business problems. If you want to learn more about what Oracle can do for you lately, talk to your Advizex representative today. The future is our business. ▪