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February 2018

Oracle in the New Year: Smarter Databases and Simpler Cloud Migrations

Technology is changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with it these days. That’s a big reason why we believe eighty percent of enterprise IT solutions will be purchased through service integrators like Rolta AdvizeX. It’s our job to keep up with the latest technology, whether it’s through annual recertifications or constant communications with technology vendors.

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The Elephant in the Server Room

Your overarching challenge is to manage the fast pace of technological change. It seems like 20 minutes ago we were designing monolithic arrays with specialized capabilities in networking and backup. Now we’re converging SAN, NAS and DAS in public or private clouds; or in a hyper-converged infrastructure — an HCI.

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Threat Vectors, The Adversary at Your Door

Month on month we hear about breach after breach. We hear about what was exposed or stolen, what was ransomed, the widespread impact of DDoS attacks. What doesn’t get covered as frequently is how it is that the exploit took place, what lesson we could learn from the breach, how we could protect ourselves in the future.

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