Re-Defining Data Protection for the 21st Century

By Patrick Stasko
25 Jan 2018
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In my last blog, I introduced the concept of the isolated recovery system as a last bastion of defense against ransomware attacks.

What about day-to-day data protection? The reality is that organizations will spend a lot more time and money protecting data from mundane risks such as accidental data loss and hardware failures. And that’s where Dell EMC’s Data Protection Suite (DPS) can provide your organization with a comprehensive solution.

Many readers will be familiar with DPS from its early days as a backup solution. Dell EMC has added a lot of new functionality to the DPS family over the years, from virtual machine (VM) backup to cloud-based backup.

Today, the company offers DPS in a variety of flavors, including the all-encompassing Enterprise Edition for those who face a wide range of data protection needs.

The Data Protection Suite Family

Feature DPS Enterprise Edition DPS for Backup DPS for Applications DPS for VMware DPS for Archive
Avamar X X X (Virtual Edition)
NetWorker X X
ProtectPoint X X
DD Boost X X X
RecoverPoint X X
AppSync X
Data Protection Advisor X X X X
SourceOne X X
CloudBoost X X
DP Search X X X
Enterprise Copy Data Management X X

Data Backup Takes a Big Step Forward

Data backup is viewed by many organizations as a necessary evil. It’s time-consuming, resource-intensive and sometimes difficult to manage. It doesn’t have to be that way. DPS for Backup allows organizations to backup data from across their enterprise – whether it’s stored on massive “big iron” systems, hundreds of x86 servers or both – in a fraction of the time through technology such as source-side deduplication (DDBoost) and direct database feeds. Subsequent backups can run almost 100X faster with DDBoost alone.

Database administrators can leverage source-side deduplication technologies while still managing their own backup/restore schedules directly in the database. This allows for the most efficient backup/restore operations – regardless of size – while minimizing network and disk impact. If organizations find that premise-based backup storage is not strategic to their organization, their IT operations can always move their backup data into the cloud with the CloudBoost feature. There is no need to rip and replace with DPS.

DPS Puts Some Vroom in VM Too

As more enterprise workloads move to virtual machines, it’s important that organizations have a backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution just for virtual environments. DPS for VMware combines backup and DR into a single solution. It also features Dell EMC’s reporting and indexing tools, Data Protection Advisor and DP Search. Lastly, DPS for VMware includes RecoverPoint, a powerful tool that automates the backup of DR data from the production system for faster, smoother recoveries.

DPS Goes Beyond Data to Compliance

As regulatory requirements become stricter, many organizations are discovering a need to not only back up data faster but also archive files, emails and even social media posts. With DPS for Archive, organizations can easily back up, store and retrieve archived material using elastic search and e-discovery tools with SourceOne.

While DPS is a great fit for many organizations, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to backup. There are challenges and issues that are unique to every organization, from the type and size of data they collect to governance and compliance commitments.

That’s why it’s important to choose an impartial advisor with a deep understanding of different backup technologies. At Advizex, we’ve got your back on backup and archiving, with experienced consultants who can find the right solution to match your budget and your business goals.

To learn more about how Advizex and Dell EMC can protect your business, please check out my webinar Understanding Isolated Recovery and the Data Protection Suite.

By Patrick Stasko
25 Jan 2018
Posted in: Dell | Partner Showcase