SAP HANA Is Bigger Than Big Data

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In case you’ve been living under a stack of spreadsheets for the last few years, maybe you haven’t heard that SAP HANA is one of the most exciting data stories of the decade.

By combining unique in-memory processing with the Apache Hadoop framework for big data processing and storage, SAP HANA is redefining the notion of speed and size for data analytics.

Developed in conjunction with Intel, SAP HANA leverages the latest Intel microprocessor technology to the maximum, resulting in up to 10,000X faster data processing speeds for real-time analysis of vast amounts of structured and semi-structured data. That makes SAP HANA a perfect fit for big data applications, such as processing terabytes of sensor-generated data in seconds to better stock vending machines or improve a stock car’s performance during a race.

But it turns out that SAP HANA is bigger than big data; it can also accelerate other business applications including OLTP and ERP systems. For example, enterprises can run SAP Business Suite or SAP Business Warehouse on an SAP HANA system to realize magnitudes of more efficient processing in their ERP and business intelligence applications as well.

Adding multiple applications to an SAP HANA environment adds more value to the solution, but it also adds more requirements to the underlying infrastructure. Fortunately, this kind of application convergence is naturally suited to a converged infrastructure, which allows enterprises to scale up their storage, processing and networking needs in a single, cost-effective and easy-to-manage appliance.

HP currently offers two converged infrastructure appliances that are specially designed to handle SAP HANA workloads: the mid-sized ConvergedSystem 500 and highly scalable ConvergedSystem 900. Both appliances feature Intel’s Xeon E7 v2 microprocessor, which is optimized for SAP HANA applications to double the processing performance for blazing-fast speeds all while delivering mission critical RAS features. The HP systems are also pre-integrated and pre-validated for SAP HANA solutions, so complete systems can be shipped in as little as 20 days and deployed within 48 hours.

If your enterprise would like to get the maximum value and performance from SAP HANA, talk to AdvizeX. As a leading partner to HP, SAP and Intel, we can help you size up your SAP HANA requirements to ensure you get the right mix of storage, processing and networking in a cost-efficient appliance that can run multiple applications across hundreds (or even thousands) of virtual machine instances.

After all, migrating your business applications and analytics to a new environment can be a big job, so it’s important to have a partner with experience in big SAP HANA deployments to offer expert guidance and support before, during and after your deployment. ▪