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December 2013

Stop Struggling Over Your Hybrid IT Strategy

Many of our customers have made the decision to adopt a Hybrid IT strategy. Previously, we have discussed the advantages of a hybrid cloud model to take advantage of using both the private and public cloud. If you have decided to adopt a hybrid cloud model you may be struggling to work with different technologies between your private and public clouds.

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BYOD Strategy Part 1: Enabling Mobility Without Disabling Security

According to Gartner, most companies—two out of every three—that allow personal devices in their network do not have a security policy or secure access strategy in place that governs mobile devices. While that might seem like a case of simply putting the cart before the horse, in reality it’s more like letting a team of Trojan horses into your network.

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For Healthcare Companies, Better Data Leads to Better Outcomes

There’s a revolution happening in healthcare right now—and, no, it doesn’t revolve around the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are revolting against the traditional fee-for-service model of healthcare, in favor of outcomes-based healthcare, which views patient care as a holistic treatment process rather than as a disconnected series of isolated services.

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